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Microsoft reveals game changing offer for G Suite legacy customers

Given that Google G Suite legacy free editions have somewhat been forgotten for many a year now and will soon be being charged for the use of the service, they may be better off looking to make the move to Microsoft 365 instead.  

Microsoft have just revealed a new game changing offer where such users can receive a 60% discount on either a 12-month Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard or Business Premium subscription to give them that added incentive to make the move to Microsoft 365. 

Changing course towards Microsoft 

This recent offer was announced by Microsoft’s corporate vice president Jared Spataro who stated the following “if you’re a small business that’s relied on G Suite legacy free edition, we couldn’t help but notice you might be in the market for a new solution. We’ve got news for you today: you can get a 60% discount on a 12-month Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, or Business Premium subscription, along with the help you need to make the move.” 

As we briefly mentioned above, this follows Google’s recent move announcing that G Suite legacy free edition users will need to move to a paid Google Workspace account by May 1st with the cheapest of these being $6 per month. However, this could have more of a negative impact on smaller businesses who have multiple accounts across their business. In light of a number of complaints regarding this Google has made a pledge to migrate users over to a free Gmail account however the only problem with this is the fact that it can’t support custom domains or multi-account functionality. 

Comparing this to Microsoft’s offering, Microsoft 365 Business Basic is priced from $5 per user per month so already works out cheaper than the Google equivalent. Added to the 60% discount for the first year clearly provides much more value for money. Furthermore, you will find that the Microsoft 365 Business Standard options provides you with the desktop Office apps for just $8.25 per user per month.  

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using the G Suite legacy free edition and are looking to take advantage of the Microsoft 365 offer and move to Microsoft then please get in touch with our IT experts today to discuss all the options or visit our Marketplace to buy the Microsoft 365 licensing direct from us

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