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Microsoft Office to become Microsoft 365 – Your Questions Answered

If you didn’t already know, Microsoft recently announced that the application we know as Microsoft Office will be changing to Microsoft 365 with some new and improved features being added along the way. 

In our latest blog article, we answer some questions that our clients have been asking around this rebranding of Microsoft Office. 

Question 1: What is changing? 

You will probably have noticed that over the past few years, Microsoft 365 has developed into Microsoft’s premier productivity suite, so they have now taken that one step further to enable your business to get the very most out of Microsoft 365. This means that in the next few months,, the Office mobile app and the Office app for Windows will be rebranded to Microsoft 365 along with a new icon as well as a new look and feel along with some game changing new features. 

Question 2: When will this be happening? 

The latest changes will start being rolled out for from November of this year with the rest to follow in Jan 2023. 

Question 3: Will these changes apply to me? 

These changes will only be applied to those using the Office app for work, school or personal use. 

Question 4: What impact will these changes have on me? Do I need to do anything? 

The answer to this question is no. Nothing will impact on your existing account, profile, subscription or files. The app will be updated automatically with the new icon and name so make sure you look out for these changes happening from November onwards. 

Question 5: What is Microsoft 365? 

Users want a new kind of user experience and expect access to systems and data anywhere, anytime. Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365 gives employees access to all resources and collaboration tools seamlessly regardless of location or device. 

Microsoft 365 offers modified cloud-based services so you and your files are no longer restricted to a single device in one workplace. 

Question 6: What new features will be released as part of Microsoft 365? 

You will find that the following new and improved features will be launched shortly: 

  • New types of content creation and templates: Create will be your place where you can start projects across Microsoft 365 apps starting with blank templates or by using recommended ones to get started quicker. This new Create module is ready for all users on the web, Windows and mobile with more templates set to be launched next year. 
  • New Apps module: This enables you to discover, launch and pin tools that you use more often in Microsoft 365. This is set to be launched in November for web and Windows users with it following on mobile a few months later. 
  • Welcome Badging: Enables you to review your Microsoft 365 subscription status as well as storage use. This will be heading to Microsoft 365 next month. 
  • My Content: A real game changer for our business clients. My Content is a central place where you can view and access your content – created by you or shared with you no matter where it is stored. This will be heading to Microsoft 365 next month. 
  • Feed: Relevant content will be based on who you work with and what you work on will be shown on a user-friendly interface to simplify your workflow. This is available for our business clients already. 
  • Tagging: This is a fantastic way to both group and organise your content with custom tags across all types of content. This is available for our business clients now. 

Question 7: Will Office be leaving completely? 

The simple answer to this is no. As part of Microsoft 365, you will still have access to your everyday apps like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

It is important to also note that there will be no changes to Office 365 subscription plans. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to migrate to Microsoft 365 or are worried about any of the changes above then please talk to our IT experts now who will be able to answer any of your queries or concerns. 

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