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Microsoft announces the end of mainstream support for NAV 2018

Microsoft has revealed its intention to no longer offer mainstream support for businesses that are using Dynamics NAV 2018 (versions below NAV 2018 are already out of support) from Jan 10th 2023. 

So, what does this mean for my business? 

It means that from next January, Microsoft will no longer provide new releases, updates, services packs, builds, fixes, and patches in order to enhance a product's security and reliability, close vulnerabilities, and fix problems. 

So, what options are available to my business to combat this? 

There are a number of options that your business can choose from to help combat this: 

Option 1: Stay on Dynamics NAV 2018 

As Dynamics NAV 2018 is part of the Microsoft fixed lifecycle, it will continue to receive security and reliability updates, bug fixes but Microsoft won't be adding further enhancements to the product so in the short term you could choose to stay put for now. 

Also, if you have a Dynamics NAV partner such as Advantage who have access to NAV developers, they can of course continue to develop patches/service packs, make improvements and customisations to your system but any changes won't be supported by Microsoft but instead supported by the partner themselves. 

Contact us today to discuss staying on NAV 2018  

Option 2: Migrate from NAV to Business Central 

If your business is looking more to the long term and wants access to the latest new and improved features, have the ability to request new enhancements from Microsoft, have updates applied automatically then the best option would be to migrate from Dynamics NAV to Business Central. 

Better still, here at Advantage, we’ve developed a specific migration fixed price package that enables you to not only make the seamless transition from NAV to Business Central but also to carry across any customisations or modifications you have made in the old system to the new system without any problems or issues. Thus, meaning that you can get the latest ERP solution from Microsoft with the same setup as you had in NAV. 

One of the other NAV to Business Central migration packages that we have available if you were looking to start a fresh without any of the complex integrations or customisations in your old system is to start from scratch and reimplement Business Central from the ground up through our Quick Start Business Central offering. 

View our NAV to Business Central migration packages 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is using Dynamics NAV 2018 or even versions below this and are keen to either make customisations to your existing NAV solution or keen to make the move to Business Central then please get in touch with one of our team today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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