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Is your business impacted by the Dynamics GP Log4j vulnerability?

If you didn’t already know, a recent security vulnerability (aka Zero-Day exploit) in Dynamics GP was reported by a company named Cyber Kendra that impacts on the Apache eco-system and its underlying Java component used for data logging.  

What does this mean for current Dynamics GP users? 

Granted, many Dynamics GP users are worried that their GP environment could be prone to an attack from hackers due to this security flaw which could if not patched appropriately render your servers vulnerable. 

What is Advantage doing to protect your Dynamics GP system from this threat? 

For our Dynamics GP customers 

We have been in contact with Microsoft who have confirmed that both their Enterprise and CRM services are safe from this security flaw. We are in the process of collecting confirmations from all of our third-party software providers of any web facing software for which Advantage are providing support to check that they are not affected by this issue. So far, we’ve received a 100% positive response to our enquiries but should we be advised that any of these software authors do require a patch to be installed, we will let you know. 

Furthermore, it might be worth your business allowing us to do a comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics System Audit to review any other internet facing software that your organisation may be using to ensure that your systems are not vulnerable. 

For non-Advantage Dynamics GP customers 

If your current Dynamics GP partner hasn’t flagged the above security flaw to your business by now, it might be worth considering looking at other partners such as ourselves to take care of your Dynamics GP system. Better still, we are currently allowing you to come and use our support for FREE so, what have you got to lose by coming to us? 

Next Steps? 

If you have read the above article and are a current Dynamics GP customer with Advantage that is still concerned by the latest security threat. Simply reach out to your account manager or failing that get in touch with our team of GP experts today.  

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