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How can using Jet Reports with Microsoft Dynamics transform the way you work

Being able to make fast and data driven decisions holds the key to success for all businesses. This is where Jet Reports can be brought in to help. Jet Reports is one of the best Microsoft Dynamics Excel add-ins that enables Business Central or Dynamics GP users to collate quick, financial and business reporting from within Excel using all the live data from your Microsoft Dynamics system illustrated in the way that you want it to be. 

Regardless of where you are located, the functionality within Jet Reports can easily bring together complicated reports as well as in-depth financial statements. Furthermore, it is also able to automate some of your more manual processes which will allow you to manage data and financial reporting in a much more efficient way.  

Added to which, Jet Reports enables your senior management team to review KPIs across all departments of your business in real-time with live updates. Also, your sales team are able to create product sheets that enables the business to quickly update changes in price or specifications. 

So, what benefits can using Jet Reports bring to your business? 

The first on this list is the ability to eliminate errors. With Jet Reports it brings data straight into Excel so you can be rest assured that the right data is being brought in. As well as this, it’s very straightforward and quick to start creating your reports in a collaboration and publishing platform. 

Another key benefit of using Jet Reports is the fact that it can help your business to maximise its ROI. Through the use of pre-built templates and data warehouse dashboards, you are able to build reports fast, improve efficiency as well as gain valuable insights into your business in a matter of minutes. 

One of the other main benefits of Jet Reports is the fact that it has a low cost of ownership with a customisation platform that is over 5 times quicker than manual coding reports. Better still, it has a fully comprehensive Data Warehouse Automation and is purpose built for use with the Microsoft Dynamics platform with good connections to the Microsoft SQL database. 

Last but not least in terms of the benefits, Jet Reports is designed specifically for Business users. You are able to view your data from within Excel or in Microsoft Power BI which offers that familiarity for you. Furthermore, you are able to easily access these dashboards and reports on the move from almost any device. This element making it the perfect solution for those businesses looking to build advanced operational and financial reporting from within Excel through integration into your existing solutions. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics GP and are looking to transform the way that you complete financial reporting through either Jet Reports or one of its other tools such as Jet Analytics, Jet Hub or Bizview then please get in touch with one of our team of Jet experts now to discuss your requirements. 

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