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Why should I migrate my business from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

So your business has made the decision that you want to migrate from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central? This is where Advantage can help your business. It is safe to say that not all ERP migrations have to be difficult or challenging. However, for most businesses, it is important to make the move towards digital transformation which will allow you to increase the productivity in your business. 

Microsoft is continuously working hard to improve the capabilities and features of their software. In most situations, migrating from Dynamics GP on-premise to the cloud via Dynamics 365 Business Central can help to improve the efficiency across your business. Furthermore, you will be able to increase your ability to optimise business processes, services & operations.  

In our latest blog article, we will try to alleviate some of the fears associated with the migration process as the benefits of doing so will outweigh the negatives.  

So why should I migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central? 

Are you looking to transform the way you work? Ensuring that you have a super easy and user-friendly interface will help to make the move easier for your employees. There are a number of ways that migrating from Dynamics GP or Azure to Business Central can transform the way you work: 

1) Built-in Intelligence with PowerBI 

Transform your business by using built-in intelligence with PowerBI to build useful dashboards to allow you to build a competitive advantage by optimising your decision making.  This will enable your business to gain real time insights. Furthermore, the modern look and feel of Business Central will enable users to take advantage of Dynamics 365 Business Central’s more enhanced dashboards. 

2) Reduce costs 

By having a Dynamics 365 system in place will help to ensure that your business is always protected and secured with the Microsoft Cloud. Furthermore, this will allow you to reduce the costs of maintenance with Microsoft managing your infrastructure for you instead of you having to do it yourself. With Dynamics 365 Business Central working as a hybrid cloud your data will automatically be uploaded to the cloud from on-premise to replicate and bring the cloud abilities to your business (you don’t have to make the move to full Cloud straight away). 

3) Take control of your business processes wherever you go 

Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly works with any PC, tablet or phone which allows you to access the same interface and more importantly access all your critical data. Furthermore, this will enable your business to make quicker decisions with real time data at your fingertips. 

4) Improve your update scheduling 

As many of you already know, both Dynamics GP and Business Central receive major updates every six months. Moreover, for those businesses that need something more focused on change management – Dynamics 365 Business Central provides sandboxing options that allow you to test changes and upgrade patching as well as the updates that Microsoft release. 

5) Improve efficiency through integration with Office 365 

By choosing Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will be obtaining the cloud-based software. This will allow you to access a whole host of applications such as SharePoint online, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, PowerBI and much more. These tools will allow you to improve collaboration and optimise your workflow and processes. 

Next Steps? 

You may find that the overall migration process is a little daunting, however we do hope that you still want to consider it as it is the future. 

For businesses, having the right technology and choosing the right Dynamics 365 partner with the right levels of expertise are crucial. Here at Advantage, we have a leading support team where you will have access to a group of professionals that are on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have. Furthermore, our qualified team of Dynamics 365 consultants, developers and on site managed services experts will equip you with all the resources that you require for a quick and painless migration. Get in touch with Advantage today to discuss your specific business requirements.