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Microsoft reveals Bridge to the Cloud promotion offer for on-premise users

Microsoft on Sept 1st launched its Bridge to the Cloud promotion through the Cloud Solution Provider program. Put simply, what this means is that current Microsoft users that have got licensed Business Central on-prem, Dynamics GP or NAV are now able to renew their Enhancement plan from an annual basis to a monthly one in addition to an exclusive licensing discount of up to 60% if they wish to make the move to Business Central in the Cloud. 

Migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central 

With more and more cybersecurity threats than ever before, a largely remote workforce and technology becoming more and more advanced each day, it’s never been a better time to make the move from your on-premise ERP system. Of course, migrating from one system to another is difficult – this is one of the reasons why Microsoft has made it much simpler to make the move.  

Here at Advantage, we have taken this into account and put together our own Quick Start GP to Business Central migration package! 

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What are the terms of the Bridge to the Cloud promotion? 

Taking part in this promotion makes it easier for customers to continue to use their on-premises software alongside Business Central online and at the same continuing to enjoy the Enhancement benefits. The whole purpose of this promotion is to make it easier for users to make the transition to the full Cloud with the overall aim of helping them to complete the full transition by the end of the promotion. The promotion started on Sept 1st and runs all the way through to June 30th 2022. 

If you make the decision to sign up during the first year period, you will be given the opportunity to extend this agreement for another three years. Once this term ends, you will complete the full switch to CSP licensing meaning that you will no longer be able to take advantage of the enhancement benefits for any on-premises software. 

Who is eligible for the Bridge to Cloud promotion? 

The good news is you have any on-premises Dynamics system (Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV or even Business Central on-prem) and you are on a current price list, you are able to take advantage of this offer. Furthermore, your enhancement plan must be active, or have lapsed no longer than 30 days from the renewal date. 

Granted, if you are a user of Dynamics GP, Microsoft did announce that they would be extending the roadmap for GP until 2028. However, even with this in place, you still need to keep your options regarding the future of your business and whether or not your ERP will be able to cope in the long term. Cloud-based systems are certainly here to stay and one way of helping to futureproof your business. 

Why should your business make the move to the Cloud? 

Now that you are aware of the terms of the Bridge to the Cloud promotion, why not let us show you some of the benefits that come as a result of making the move to the Cloud. 

Reduced Costs 

If you are in the Cloud, you will save money as you won't need to spend it on maintaining on-premises software as your solution will be optimised through cloud migration. Better still, with the Cloud, you only actually pay for the cloud resources that you use rather than assets that are not required. 

Improved Security 

Being in the Cloud automatically provides you with improved security for your company’s resources, given that security patching is automatically done by the cloud provider, so this helps to put your mind at rest when it comes to data security. 

Better connectivity and accessibility 

By choosing to migrate to the Cloud will immediately provide your business with better connectivity and accessibility. Given that most businesses are largely remote working operations as it stands, being able to access resources no matter what device you are on is critical. As well as this, collaboration between your different users is much easier through the use of a cloud solution. 

Improved efficiency 

Another core benefit of making the move to the Cloud is the fact that your overall efficiency dramatically improves. For businesses to remain competitive, operating at maximum efficiency needs to be at the top of your priority list. Being in the Cloud makes it easier for businesses to focus their efforts on profits and building customer loyalty rather than on IT. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to take advantage of the above offer, you aren’t sure whether or not you are eligible for the offer or you want to migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central then please give one of our Dynamics experts a call today to discuss all your options. 

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