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    Improve business growth with collaborative & connected planning, budgeting & forecasting with Bizview a cloud planning software that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products. 

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What is Bizview?

Bizview is a financial planning software which has been specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses to allow them to effectively manage budgets, reports and analytics in one place. Furthermore, this solution also provides an Excel-like interface which will make it easier for businesses to improve forecasting & showcase business processes through custom forms & making use of budgeting models such as zero-based and many more. 

Benefits of Bizview

Greater Insights with Data

Bizview allows you to connect with different data sources which allows users to access data at anytime from anywhere. Bizview also enables decisions to be made based on accurate data. 

Visually-Pleasing Dashboards

Making sure that everyone can interpret data is made easy with Bizview’s interactive dashboards. Furthermore, users can easily see information via charts & graphs and many other different metrics. 

Real-Time Reporting without IT help

Bizview allows users to create ad-hoc reports at any point without requiring any help from any IT team as well as the ability for team members to access it from any browser. 

Transform the way you work

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