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How can Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services transform the way you work?

It goes without saying that being able to manage customer relationships is pivotal in helping your business to grow as well as increasing profits in a very competitive market such as financial services. 

No matter whether your business operates in insurance, asset management, finance brokerage, tax advisors, private equity or wealth management; you will need a CRM system to be able to effectively and efficiently manage customer relationships. Our Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services solution is purpose built for those in the sector and can be tailored to your specific business requirements to allow you to build upon your existing customer relationships. 

From our experience with working with clients in this sector, we’ve found that such organisations continue to work on multiple systems which causes all kinds of problems around compliance, keeping clients as well as providing a tailored service along with operating at an optimum efficiency. 

In this blog article, we will demonstrate how Microsoft Dynamics can be applied within the financial services sector. 

Why should you choose Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services? 

The purpose of our Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services solution is to give financial services organisations the technology to be able to easily manage customers as well as align data, processes and teams. 

Through this solution with Advantage, Microsoft Dynamics can help to generate the following benefits for your business: 

  • Capability to manage all your critical data in one place in the Cloud. 
  • Improve your compliance with regulations through a format across the business which can easily be adjusted as and when laws are changed. 
  • Capability to be upscaled as your business grows. 
  • Easily manage your customers in one place. 
  • Easily integrate with third-party applications. 

How can our Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services solution be applied in practice? 


Microsoft Dynamics can help insurance organisations to manage relationships across different stakeholders such as agencies, customers, brokers and other partners. Furthermore, it can be used to help improve all forms of the management in your organisation as well as assist in developing the whole customer lifecycle from relationships to new business. 

Private Equity 

Microsoft Dynamics enables private equity firms to improve their overall efficiency and intelligence over the course of the whole investment lifecycle – from searching for opportunities to managing investments. 

What advantages can Microsoft Dynamics provide to financial services organisations? 

Develop & maintain customer relationships 

Being able to have a firm grasp of the needs & priorities of your customers is pivotal in your ability to deliver only the best customer service as well as helpful in generating loyalty. Given the competitive nature of the financial services sector, customer service has to be exceptional. Furthermore, if you don’t have the right kind of technology in place, you could easily fall behind your competitors. In addition to this, Microsoft Dynamics can hold much more data about your customers which can include their basic contact details, emails received, products/services consumed & much more. This is crucial as it enables all your employees to have the latest information about their customers to allow them to communicate with them effectively. 

Improve overall productivity 

By having all your data in one place can help to improve your overall productivity as your employees won’t have to spend time dipping between multiple systems to gather the data they require which means the time saved can be spent on the most important part of your business: your customers. 

Furthermore, given that Microsoft Dynamics is a cloud-based solution means that it is fully accessible cross multiple devices which is handy given the current climate. 

Making use of insights to revolutionise sales & marketing 

From working with a number of clients within this sector, we have often found that one of the most significant challenges facing financial services is the ability to take advantage of sales opportunities from current customers; it is estimated that between 40-70% of an organisation’s growth is attributed to be being able to upsell to their existing customers. However, we find that many are missing out on these given that their sales and marketing capabilities are not great in their current systems. Microsoft Dynamics makes it simpler to understand your current customers which enables you to market to your customers in a much more effective way. 

Security & Compliance 

As we’ve mentioned above, being able to abide by compliance rules and guidelines within the financial services sector is tedious if you have too many manual processes and multiple systems to deal with. Microsoft Dynamics allows organisations to easily manage compliance by making sure that data is securely stored in a centralised database. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics enables employees to take control of their individual processes which in turn helps to reduce human error which leads to ensuring that everyone within the business is data compliant. 

Better still, Microsoft Dynamics requires users to sign into the system which is dictated to by system admins who have control over which permissions employees have. Therefore, after an employee leaves all you have to do is simply deactivate their account knowing that your data will remain safe. 

Next Steps? 

If you are an organisation operating in the financial services sector and are fed up of working across multiple systems & using manual processes and are interested in taking advantage of our Microsoft Dynamics for Financial Services solution then please get in touch with one of our Microsoft Dynamics experts today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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