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How can Microsoft Dynamics for Charities & Not-for-profits benefit your organisation?

There are no doubts that Microsoft Dynamics is one of the leading CRM systems in the marketplace. This solution is used by a variety of different organisations to collate, organise and manage their data on their customers and supporters. 

To ensure this works for charities and not-for-profits, Advantage has put together a unique Dynamics 365 for charities package that covers all the requirements of the charity and enables them to manage all key areas of their supporter facing activity. 

To demonstrate how this solution that can help your charity to overcome the common challenges in the sector, we’ve put together a list of 7 benefits of using our solution. 

Volunteer Management 

You can easily manage volunteers within this system where you can see how many hours they’ve worked, the skills & training they have had as well as any other information about them that is relevant to their position. 

Gift Aid enablement 

Gift Aid is an absolute game changer in terms of delivering extra incomes for charities, however processing it can often be difficult. This problem is resolved through our solution as it is geared up towards processing Gift Aid. 

Organising and managing events 

With so much activity going on throughout a charity, it can be often difficult to manage the different events that are going on throughout the year. However, this problem is resolved through our Dynamics solution which comes equipped with event management capabilities and an ability to integrate with third party platforms such as Eventbrite which makes it easier for you to stay on top of your hectic schedules. 

Processing income 

Microsoft Dynamics can make it easier for charities to manage all forms of income streams and allocate specific sources to demonstrate what appeal, campaign and event these fall under which will make it easier to manage income in the long term. 

One supporter view 

Microsoft Dynamics makes it simple for charities to have an overall view of what an individual supporter has received and how they have interacted with your charity. This not only helps to provide a straightforward supporter experience but it also enables charities/not-for-profits to have a birds eye view of their supporters and the ways they engage with them. This makes it easier to create tailored campaigns and identify the best ways to communicate with them going forwards. 

Effectively communicating with your supporters 

In addition to being able to easily identify trends and opportunities within your supporter database, Microsoft Dynamics can also help you to improve both the quality and relevance of interactions with those supporters. This includes things like marketing automation that is available within Microsoft Dynamics to make it easier for charities to respond automatically to their supporter through workflows. From this, the communication is thereby targeted, personalised and more than likely to generate more engagement. 

Third party software integration 

Being flexible enough is pivotal for Microsoft Dynamics. Easily being able to integrate with a whole host of third party applications helps to have all the things you need in one comprehensive solution and enables the charity to make it much more straightforward to get the very best out of its existing systems. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a charity/not-for-profit looking to take advantage of the above benefits through our Microsoft Dynamics for charities/not-for-profits solution then please get in touch with our team of Dynamics experts now to discuss how we can help you. 

Did you know as a charity/not-for-profit you can access significant discounts on your licensing through Advantage? 

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