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How Business Central can meet the challenges posed by Sage 50

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of cloud technology dramatically accelerated with many businesses switching to full time remote working on a more permanent basis. With this change, many businesses had to consider whether their current Sage 50 accounting system was capable of meeting the demands of this new way of working.   

This is where Advantage comes in as during this period and right up until today, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across different sectors & industries to make the move from Sage 50 to a more modern technology system that is fully scalable & perfect for the new norm of remote working. What is this solution called I hear you ask? It is Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s premier cloud-based ERP solution that was specifically created to meet the needs & requirements of small and medium sized businesses.  

Why should my business use Business Central over Sage 50? The answer is simple, it provides you with a  comprehensive ERP solution that can help you meet the challenges posed by using Sage 50. To give you a few examples of this, please review the table below: 

Sage 50 Challenge 

Business Central Solution 

Not a fully Cloud product 

Fully SaaS Cloud solution 

Limited users and system goes slow with around 10 users 

Ability to operate consistently no matter how many users 

Limited number of transactions 

Unlimited transactions 

Basic reporting 

Dashboard driven with drill down options 

Business Intelligence not included 

Out of the box dashboards 

No financial period ends, only on a 12 month basis 

Open and closed period accounting enables better control and more accuracy on reports 

Limited foreign currency features 

Foreign currency exchange rates held with dates ability to analyse any changes 

No SO or PO approvals 

Can setup approval processes 


Dynamics 365/CRM can be added at a later date 

No fixed backup solution 

Automatic back ups 

No workflows 

Workflows can help you to automate tasks 

Why should you choose Advantage for your Sage 50 to Business Central move? 

For over 22 years, Advantage has been working with businesses that are using Sage 50, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how Sage products work as well as the finance and ERP challenges and guiding them through the process of making the switch to Dynamics 365 Business Central from Sage 50. 

Working with a Microsoft Gold partner such as ourselves will help to streamline your move from Sage 50 and help you to gain a full understanding of how the features contained within Business Central can transform the way you work. Through the use of different packages, we can get you up and running on Business Central quickly and ensure that you can access key data which will enable you to achieve success today and into the future. 

Next Steps? 

If you are looking to make the move from your Sage 50 solution to Business Central then please get in touch with our team of Dynamics experts today to discuss your specific requirements. 

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