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Dynamics 365 CRM vs Pipedrive: Which one should my business choose?

Deciding on which CRM to pick for your business can be a difficult choice to make as there are many different options available all with various functionalities and features and integration choices.  

To help make the decision easier for you, in our latest blog article, we’ve decided to compare two CRM options in the market: Dynamics 365 CRM vs Pipedrive. 

So, what is Dynamics 365? 

Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of intelligent business applications that delivers superior operational efficiency and breakthrough customer experiences enabling businesses to become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs. 

Dynamics CRM looks to target all businesses regardless of size and provides them with a user-friendly interface that easily connects with all of Microsoft’s applications. This helps to increase the levels of user adoption. 

These systems are used across many different sectors including financial services, charities & not-for-profits, professional services and many, many more. 

So, what is Pipedrive? 

Pipedrive is a sales CRM designed by salespeople, for salespeople. It helps you figure out the most effective way to convert prospects into paying customers. It does this by helping you identify which stage your leads are at in their journey, so that when they get closer and further away from becoming a client/customer it will be easier for sales teams. This CRM platform also has powerful analytics that lets you really dig down into your customer data and key business performance indicators. 

So, let’s get comparing the features of Dynamics 365 vs Pipedrive 

Lead and deal management 

You will find that Dynamics 365 allows you to easily manage leads as well as opportunities. Furthermore, through the use of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration enables you to easily gain access to profiles, useful leads and other ways to introduce yourself to potential prospects. As well as this, you are able to easily follow contacts along with their relationships through the use of game changing dashboards. 

Taking this a step further, by embedding Microsoft 365 tools, sending out customised sales materials becomes much easier. You can also take advantage of advanced scoring algorithms on all of your leads including opportunities to boost both conversion as well as win rates. 

The use of Microsoft Forms Pro, another part of this product, allows you to gather, examine and use customer feedback. It can be included on apps, online sites as well as mobile devices and is easy to create and manage and can be sent out easily through triggers. 

On the other hand, visual sales pipelines are also found on Pipedrive and are able to be customised quickly and effectively. Within your pipeline, you are able to arrange deals alongside your sales process and make changes to each stage of the process. Furthermore, team pipelines are able to easily be filtered by sales representatives or stages. You will find that all members of your sales team will be able to build a pipeline. At this point, you will be able to collate sales information that is specific to your team, product or industry through the use of endless custom fields. 

Reporting & statistics 

You will find that Dynamics 365 makes use of pipeline analysis, deal insights, relational analytics as well as conversation intelligence to help improve performance. You can easily find out customer demands and market trends through the use of AI-driven insights. Furthermore, you will be able to find out more details and competitive statistics via the competitors tool, which can be found on the left-hand menu. The great thing about this is the fact that this can be completed without coding, meaning that you can shape the insights to your own specific requirements and sales process. In addition to this, in order to analyse both your sales calls and assessing deals in jeopardy, the software can also provide you with suitable reports to illustrate this. 

On the other hand, Pipedrive allows you to build reports that showcase performance. This can be illustrated through tables, charts and dashboards that can show you sales reports. Furthermore, activity reports enable you to review how effective your sales team is whilst custom filters enable you to drill down on specific things. Custom metrics and product reports can be filtered by specific products if required. 

When making sales forecasts, live dashboards will help you to see your requirements and anticipated outcomes. Furthermore, you will be able to outline both individual and team objectives and these can be monitored with both real-time analytics and dashboards. 

Sales Enablement 

Through the use of lead scoring and opportunity management functionality driven by AI, Microsoft Dynamics is able to help you to find customers who are more likely to buy a service from your business. With unique features like these, you are able to allocate more time to selling. 

  • Scannable business cards that can automatically build new customer records. 
  • You are taken through a specific business process UI as you make your way through each stage of the sales cycle. 
  • Contextual cues that guide you on how to build new records whilst note-taking. 
  • Playbooks for sales that come to include things like resources, how to win new business as well as other materials for reference. 
  • Intelligent recommendations when searching for useful content as well as suitable training resources. 

You are able to share information as well as documents across Microsoft’s online collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams so that you are able to work on deals with your colleagues or other team members. With the added extras of having both hiring and onboarding, Dynamics 365 can make it much easier to work together with your partners. 

Pipedrive CRM gives your sales team direction via its Navigator Dashboard. It has 5 different elements which are presented in one single view: 

  • A business overview which showcases graphs which help to highlight the health of your business. 
  • Opportunities, actions as well as tasks which are presented in a logical order in the activity stream. 
  • Target overview shows all the progress towards a sales goal. 
  • The overall number of outstanding tasks, the number of deadlines missed, the opportunities to pass over to the next stage as well as the greatest opportunity to close are all shown via the notifications. 
  • Suggestions are given to help guide you in other areas such as fresh leads, ongoing opportunities as well as inactive accounts. 

For the purposes of assignment and qualifying, leads can be brought in and dropped into the pipeline view. It is scored and ranked after it progresses into an opportunity based on the likelihood of it closing. Furthermore, Pipedrive also enables you to customise the stages of your sales to fit within the sales process of your business. 

Why should you decide to choose Dynamics 365 over Pipedrive? 

This is a question that we get asked many a time. It goes without saying but Pipedrive is a superb cloud-based system that can help your business to see and manage a sales pipeline on a visual basis. As well as this, you are also able to build pipelines for different elements of your business. 

However, by going down the road of Microsoft Dynamics, you have a comprehensive solution that seamlessly works with Microsoft 365 and all its applications as well as all aspects of your business. Dynamics 365 will be able to meet both your short-term and long-term needs. If you are wanting to expand your business, you are definitely not going to want to change your CRM every couple of years, it would cause too many problems and headaches. 

If you have undertaken a system change process or adopted something more significant, you will understand how these changes can reduce your productivity. Deciding to take some time to select the right CRM solution at the start is of the utmost importance. 

In Summary 

In order for users to engage with your CRM easily, you need to make sure that the right visuals are there, this is precisely what Dynamics 365 is there for! Microsoft Dynamics can be easily integrated into your CRM system faster and easier by users who are used to using Microsoft 365 products such as Outlook. Through the use of Microsoft Dynamics, you are able to easily manage your sales funnel along with customer care, field service management as well as project management. 

When looking at both Pipedrive and Dynamics 365, Dynamics 365 is the clear winner. These are the main features that help to set Dynamics 365 apart from other CRMs. It is a reliable and business wide solution that will give you ownership of your business needs now as well as in the future.  

Next Steps? 

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