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Didn’t you know that everyone in your business should care about cyber security?

With technology everywhere we look in our daily lives, cyber security has become a growing concern for all of us. Those innovative businesses are now coming to the conclusion that it’s not just an IT team’s job to keep the business safe against cyber security threats, with cyber security now becoming a business-wide responsibility. 

In our latest blog article, we will showcase why everyone in your business should take cyber security more seriously. 

We are all human after all? 

You will know that cyber security goes far beyond just having a firewall and anti-virus software installed on your computer; it’s also down to the way humans behave. To put this into context with an example, phishing attacks require unaware employees to click on a malicious link or download dodgy looking attachments. By taking the time to educate and involve all employees across your business in cyber security, you can dramatically reduce the chances of any employee falling victim to one of these attacks. If all the employees in your business understand the risks and are aware of how to look for potential threats, they can help to form an extra layer of protection for your cyber security efforts. 

Different forms of attack emerging 

It goes without saying but as technology evolves so do cyber attackers as they are always looking to find new and improved ways of gaining entry into businesses. This can range from ransomware to zero-day exploits, attacks are becoming more sophisticated. When the employees of a business see cyber security as important, they are more likely to be on the lookout, making it much more difficult for cyber criminals to take advantage of weak points. 

Keeping potentially sensitive data safe from harm 

There are no doubts that data breaches can have catastrophic consequences for businesses ranging from significant financial losses to severely harming the reputation of the brand or business. Therefore, it is important to realise that sensitive data isn’t just in one department or business function; it is all over your business. You will find that HR departments have access to employee records, finance departments hold financial data and sales and marketing hold customer data. Making sure that all employees are aware of cyber security best practices will help to ensure that all this data remains safe. 

Meeting compliance and legal legislation 

It is not uncommon for many sectors or industries to be governed by strict legislation when it comes to both data protection as well as cyber security. In order to continue to meet these regulations, it's crucial that everyone knows what their role in maintaining compliance is. Working together on cyber security means that all employees understand their responsibilities thus helping to reduce the risk of costly legal battles occurring. 

In summary 

For most businesses, cyber security is seen as just the responsibility of the IT team, however this is not the case at all nowadays. Ensuring that all employees have a responsibility for cyber security enables businesses to have a better defence against any cyber related threat. Shaping a culture of cyber security awareness across all functions of the business will help to make sure that all digital assets, sensitive data and business reputation stay intact. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to improve your cyber security by investing in getting your business cyber security certified or looking to get employees trained in cyber awareness or even looking for suitable security support to help with this then please feel free to reach out to our team of leading security experts to find out how we can help you to stay protected. 

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