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Considering moving Dynamics Support Partner to a new Partner?

It goes without saying that if you are considering moving your Dynamics Support to a new support partner it is vital that the partner you are going to has a streamlined onboarding process to allow you to make a safe transition. So how does Advantage complete this process? 

The first port of call is to take care of the admin side. As far as Microsoft is concerned it is a very simple process, there’s a one-page form, you tick a few boxes, sign the bottom, we then send it in to Microsoft and within 24 hours we officially become your new Dynamics Support partner. This admin must be done first as it will give us access to your license and allow us to make any changes you may require and to be able to manage the billing of your annual maintenance from Microsoft. 

From our side, we simply agree a support contract with you and sign it!  

However, there are several actions that need to be completed by us before that happens: we need to get to know you and your system, so the following tasks are carried out as part of the onboarding process.  

First, we look at your system to gain an understanding of what has been changed and how. However, we need to understand more than just this, we also need to understand how your business is using the system and its modifications. 

As well as reviewing how the system is setup and used, we also undertake a thorough performance review; whereby we have discussions with the key users to see where they are at with the system as well as taking note of any outstanding technical and support issues that need to be resolved.  

Once this system review has been completed, we will present this in the form of a report which outlines what issues need to be addressed quickly. These issues could consist of those passed to support or chargeable work that the customer has not started with their existing Dynamics Support partner.  

Furthermore, we will go on to make recommendations on how the overall performance and infrastructure can be improved as well as addressing any user feedback and look to identify longer term recommendations which could consist of training, reporting and functional requirements. 

And best of all we do this review and provide recommendations for FREE, a small investment in what we hope will be a fruitful long-term relationship! 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is interested in moving your Microsoft Dynamics support over to Advantage then please contact our team of Dynamics experts today