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5 early warning signs your Dynamics support provider isn’t up to the task

Our support teams have been offering fantastic Microsoft Dynamics support since 1999. A key focus in their approach has been to listen to our customers’ needs, understand them and provide a quality level of service to address them.

You might be reading this article because you’ve got concerns about your current Dynamics support provider. If any of the below sound familiar, then you need to get in touch with Advantage to switch to our support today.

#1 - High turnover of staff

Companies with a high turnover of staff are always a concern. It shows that a company doesn’t have the stability you’d expect from an organisation you’d want to be partnered with. It directly impacts an organisations ability to support their existing customer base.

Here at Advantage, several members of our four support team have been here since 1999. We’re vigorous in our staff selection process and we’re one of very few support providers to give you a dedicated account manager – your single point of contact if you ever need anything.  How many Account Managers have you had in the last 12 months?

#2 – Ownership questions

Do you know who owns and runs your support provider? Are they venture capital backed? Some companies pick up businesses with a view to make a quick buck and sell. Do they have an exit strategy for their investment and what happens then?  A change of leadership will create instability within a business as it adapts to new processes.

To be transparent, Advantage is owned privately and hasn’t changed hands since we were founded in 1999. And the owner has no intention of selling the business!

#3 – Is your support provider moving away from Dynamics?

Are you starting to see more products appear on your support provider’s website? Are you seeing Salesforce? Netsuite? And Sage? A diverse portfolio of products is always a good thing when you’re purchasing an ERP or CRM system. But having this many products to train up and learn stretches resources thin. Staff will have to be trained on a multitude of products. Is this what you need? Are they moving away from Dynamics perhaps?

At Advantage, we have some of the foremost Dynamics experts on our books. We’re specialists in the Dynamics family of products and we’re very passionate about them all. We’ve got expertise in Dynamics GP, NAV, CRM and Dynamics 365. We’ve got no intention of abandoning Microsoft Dynamics because it’s a fantastic product. Don’t just listen to us; check out what technology experts Gartner have to say.

#4 – Lack of knowledge around Dynamics 365

Is your current support knowledgeable about Dynamics 365? If they don’t support or sell Dynamics NAV, chances are they aren’t. D365 is based on the NAV architecture. And whilst Dynamics 365 is a different product to NAV, there are some similarities.

Advantage are committed to Dynamics 365. We recently released our Stick or Twist blogs, offering a credible and realistic discussion about the benefits and pitfalls of adopting Dynamics 365. It’s worth emphasising that Dynamics 365 isn’t for everyone. Would your current support partner be so candid with you?

#5 Reduction in ISV activities?

If you don’t know what an ISV is – It basically stands for Independent Software Vendor. This acronym refers to organisations that are developing and selling specialist add-on software modules. Is your current support provider also providing support for a special feature on your installation of Dynamics? Is it something they’ve created themselves? You’re particularly vulnerable here if your support provider decides to pack up their Dynamics support or if the business folds or is sold.

Why? Because the organisation in question will have developed your add-on themselves. Only they will be able to provide support for it.

If you’re worried about any of the things mentioned in this blog post, don’t delay in getting in touch with Advantage.
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