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5 reasons to switch to our Dynamics Support

From time to time, things don’t always work the way you need them to. So occasionally, you need to pick up the phone to your IT support. (I know, you’re starting to get flashbacks of that scene from the IT Crowd!) You manage to get through to the helpdesk and endure one of the most frustrating phone calls you’ve had in a long time. And you don’t actually get the solution you needed in the first place – we’ve all been there!

Don’t bang your head against the wall though! At Advantage we’ve spent the last 17 years perfecting our support experience. And  we offer support for all of your differing needs, services and products.

Interested? Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to Advantage support today:

We’re Microsoft Dynamics experts. Seriously!

We’ve been working with the Microsoft family of products for about 17 years. We’re trained in designing, implementing and maintaining a variety of different systems. GP 2013, CRM 2011? You’ve got it, we support it! We’ve been around for 17 years and have expertise in many different versions of Microsoft Dynamics.

We’re also one of very few Microsoft Partners in the UK to offer Dynamics GP, NAV and CRM all from one place. And not to blow our own trumpet too much – But we do too!

That personal touch

Everyone says it, but we really do have that personal touch. It shines through with our approach to support.

You can get in contact with our support teams in whatever way you feel comfortable with. Phone support? Yes. Email support? Yes. Tickets? – yes we do those too! Everything on fire and you need someone to come out and visit you? Call the fire brigade first – but yes we do that too! We pride ourselves on treating everybody differently and tailoring your requirements to the service we deliver.

You need training? We’ve got training!

Training new members of staff up on software is a pain. It’s really time consuming and you have precious little time to focus on providing everything they need to become familiar with the software. You can rest easy because we’ve got training courses!

Since April, we’ve ran our AT001 course three times and it’s been a sell out every single time! Check the course out, and keep your eye on our events page – we’ll be doing something special in September when the kids go back to school.

Consulting? We do that too

What is consulting you ask? It’s things like reviewing your existing ERP, CRM and IT setup and making recommendations and improvements to that service. We’re pretty experienced with all of this stuff, so if you have a problem that’s crippling the way you do things at your business or are setting yourself up for a problem in the future, we’ve got the skills and know-how to sort all of that out for you.

Take a look at what we did with Kiddylicious for instance. They had a huge inventory issue that we mopped up with Dynamics NAV. We’re still supporting them with everything right now.

And yes, we’re certified!

You can be rest assured that we know what we’re doing when it comes to our Dynamics support. Microsoft happen to agree with us and have granted us numerous certifications like our silver cloud competency, silver customer relationship management competency and silver cloud CRM competency.

Each of these competencies have to be earned by:

  • Passing a series of exams
  • Obtaining two customer references of work carried out
  • Employ a specific number of Microsoft certified professionals

The bottom line? We continue to invest to improve ourselves so we know what we’re doing, so you don’t have to.

Check out our support services on our website and join Advantage today.