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ClickDimensions reveals a real ‘game changer’ in new Sales Engagement Platform for Sales & Marketing

It was recently announced by ClickDimensions that they will be launching a brand-new sales engagement platform known as ClickDimensions Sales Engagement to help bring together sales and marketing teams in small and medium sized businesses. The whole purpose of this solution is to have one solidified approach for both sales and marketing teams as well as removing any potential customer drop-offs and miscommunications between teams as leads go through the buying process. This means that businesses can benefit from improved sales team efficiencies, improved buyer journeys, build customer loyalty and increased profits. 

The reason behind this platform being launched is the fact that recent studies revealed that 75% of B2B marketing leads don’t convert into sales because marketing and sales aren’t aligned. For small businesses that is very applicable as they don’t have the resources unlike bigger corporations which can easily unify customer experiences and reduce the challenges faced. 

This is where the ClickDimensions Sales Engagement platform can come in as it allows the unification to become a reality, thus allowing teams to keep better track of their leads and those that result in sales. If both sales and marketing are aligned correctly then the average revenues experienced increase by around 34%. 

“The modern buying journey has completely transformed from what it was a mere three years ago, which means companies need to adapt how they sell – and fast,” stated Mike Dickerson, CEO of ClickDimensions. “Launching ClickDimensions Sales Engagement is our way of responding to these industry challenges, equipping our customers with critical tools to boost revenue, and unifying sales and marketing teams around a digital-first customer experience.” 

“With this solution, we’re democratizing best-in-class tools for all companies, regardless of size, and spearheading a shift away from traditional, disparate marketing and sales tactics,” continued Dickerson. “At ClickDimensions, we have a clear vision for the future of sales enablement and revenue operations, and this product launch is just the beginning.” 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is using a Dynamics 365 / CRM system and looking to better align your marketing and sales teams through the use of the ClickDimensions Sales Engagement platform and take it to the next level with ClickDimensions Marketing Automation solution then do reach out to our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions experts today

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