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Changes to Office 365 that may affect your Microsoft Dynamics GP System

Microsoft have revealed a number of changes to Office 365 that may impact on your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Change 1: Impact of Microsoft dropping Office 365 Authentication Protocol, WS-Trust, on Dynamics Integrations 

Microsoft have revealed that as of April 2022, they will be removing the ability to use the old O365 authentication Protocol, WS-Trust. The reason is that it is inherently insecure.  

What does this mean for your business? 

This will impact on customers with integrations which still use username/password (the old legacy Dynamics 365 integration) and have not enabled OAuth authentication.  

What must you do to combat this problem? 

You will need to make sure that your integrations with your systems administrator and IT team quickly to see whether or not they will be affected. In order to do this please get in touch with your Account Manager, if you would like us to help you resolve this problem quickly.

Change 2: From February 2022, the majority of clients using older versions of Dynamics GP and Office 365 will be affected by the Office 365 SMTP-Legacy / TLS Authentication "Speed Bump" created by Microsoft which limits email traffic using old style TLS1.0 an d1,1 Protocols

What does this mean for your business? 

You will find that emailing from Dynamics GP versions 18.2 and below will stop working i.e emailing Dynamics GP documents to customers/suppliers or workflows emails. There will not necessarily be any errors seen within GP, however the recipients won't receive the emails. Furthermore, the speedbumps are restricting about 90% of emails and from October 2022 onwards none of these will send at all.

However, if your business is using Dynamics GP versions 18.3 or above they will have the updated SMTP connection protocol so there will be no problems for your business.

What must you do to combat this problem?  

You will need to test all of your emailing functionality within Dynamics GP. If you are on an unsupported version of Dynamics GP and have been considering upgrading then this will be the time to consider strongly doing so. If you are not looking to upgrade anytime soon, then the next best options would be to consider other alternative solutions to emailing from Dynamics GP such as Spindle.

If you already have third party software which relies on email processing then this will need to be tested throughly and addressed separately. If you would like to have some with any of the above then please get in touch with your Advantage Account Manager.

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