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5 of the best Office 365 Add-Ons to improve your day to day productivity

If your business is not using G Suite, the chances are that your company makes use of Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook every day. Office 365 continues to be widely regarded as the go-to cloud service as most workers are very familiar with the Microsoft suite of products. 

Despite the fact that Office 365 contains plenty of features, there is also an opportunity to take things one step further by making use of additional productivity plug-ins that can help you get the very most out of your Office 365 apps. In our latest blog article, we provide you with 5 of the best Office 365 Add-Ons to improve your day to day productivity. 

Office Tab 

Do you like to use the functionality given to you in the desktop versions of Office 365 but hate having loads of windows open on your desktop? You will be pleased to know that Office Tab solves this problem as it gives you a browser-like experience within Word, Excel & PowerPoint.  You can take this one step further by upgrading to the enterprise version of the app to give you Publisher, Access and Project. 

One of the best elements of this app is the fact that it allows you to group tabs which is perfect for those that switch between many tasks all the time. Furthermore, you are able to save all your open tabs at the click of a button – perfect if you are used to saving your work on a local computer (you can use Microsoft SharePoint to save your work to the Cloud instead). 


We have all struggled through this process: print, sign in pen and then scan a PDF or just copy and paste an image of your signature. It’s a horrible process, labour intensive and really not that secure. However, there is now an even better way of signing PDFs that is legally binding and that is through an e-signature. This is where DocuSign comes in to save the day. 

Better still, you can quite simply plug DocuSign straight into Office 365 to be able to add secure e-signatures to your everyday document workflow. Furthermore, it also works with the browser versions of Office 365 and you are even able to use it on your mobile device. 


As we all know already, Office 365 has a spell check and basic grammar checks that stop you from making an absolutely criminal spelling mistake. However, how much time do you waste by mulling over a longer piece of work? Is that email that you have put together easy to understand or are you leaving yourself open to the wrong response? 

Grammarly, a free tool that seamlessly integrates into either Word or Outlook, delivers proper writing tips. It provides a much more sophisticated grammatical check and better still if you get the paid version it goes even further into your text and gives you tips on style guides all the way through to a plagiarism check. 


Despite the fact that Office 365 aims to equip us with all the tools we require to do our daily jobs, the reality is the fact that most of us like to use tools that we are familiar with already. Even though OneNote is a very useful application, Evernote provides a much easier way of staying organised and easily sharing information. 

The good news is that you can easily plug Evernote into Office 365: Evernote is able to directly connect to both Microsoft Teams as well as to Microsoft Outlook. From this, you are able to save emails directly to your Evernote notebook and share any Evernote content with your colleagues who are also using Microsoft Teams. 


If you are wanting to find a fantastic resource for great images then Pexel’s blanket creative commons zero licensing makes it easy for you to choose and embed quality stock images directly into your documents. However, manually going to the website and downloading the image directly each time you need one can be extremely tedious. 

To speed this process up, you can use the Pexels plug-in for PowerPoint which will save you so much time. The add-in itself is very simple to install and integrates in PowerPoint. All you have to do to use it is search in the dock and try out images you like.  

Next Steps? 

If you are business that is looking to maximise your use of Office 365 through the above add-onsgetting started with Microsoft Teams or are looking for additional IT support or training on how to use them, then please get in touch with our team of IT experts today. 

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