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5 game changing features that will be coming to Microsoft Teams this summer

It goes without saying but Microsoft is always developing new and improved features for all of its software. This is no different for Microsoft Teams, this is why in our latest blog article, we will outline 5 game changing features that will be coming to Microsoft Teams this summer. 

1 – Create a Teams Chat with distribution, mail-enabled & Office 365 groups 

In previous versions of Microsoft Teams, you could start chats with individuals, groups and send chats to yourself. This is all about to change as shortly, you will be able to start building Teams chats with distribution, mail-enabled and Office 365 groups. This new and improved enhancement will continue to meet the limits for members in a group chat which is 250. As well as this, it drills down even further into the conversation experience by enabling users to build Teams workspaces or group chats to segment a particular audience.  

2 – Create live events in Yammer through the use of Microsoft Teams and Stream 

Exciting news, when you set up a live event in Yammer, you will find that both the stream and production is run by Microsoft Stream. Through the use of the latest enhancement, all live events will be run by Teams. The great thing about this is the fact that it collates all the seamless video production experience across the whole Microsoft 365 platform by streamlining all of the Live Events capabilities. 

3 – Streamlined meeting experience universally for the Web 

You will find that shortly you can use Teams on the web through the modern meeting and calling experience from both Chrome and Edge browsers along with leading pre-join, dynamic view as well as a game changing updated control bar. What this feature does is translate the Teams meeting experience into the browser which collates the experience the Teams client offers. 

4 – The use of a digital code to access a meeting 

You will that this useful new feature will allow users to join meetings with a digital code. If you have organised a Teams meeting, you will be able to provide a code if you are wishing this meeting to remain confidential. In order to access this feature, simply access your Outlook calendar and open the meeting you wish to join. You will find at the bottom of the meeting invitation under “Or join by entering a meeting ID”, you’ll find the information you require. This code will need to be used within the Teams client, browser or app. 

5 – Engaging collaboration on presenter shared screen 

You will notice that the annotations used in Teams are powered by Microsoft Whiteboard and will enable the presenters to begin an engaging annotation where all participants can take part. The presenter will also have the power to annotate from the shared screen content for all attendees. The whole purpose of this new feature is to ramp up the meeting experience by enabling the presenter and attendee access to a whiteboard feature throughout a meeting.  

Next Steps? 

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