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4 new enhancements heading to Dynamics 365 Sales from Microsoft’s latest Wave 2 2022 update

If you hadn’t already guessed, Microsoft recently launched its plans for the upcoming Wave 2 update due for release during October 2022. We already covered what new things will be coming to Business Central in our previous blog, in this blog post, we will showcase 4 of the best enhancements that will be heading to Dynamics 365 Sales as a result of these plans. 

1 – Teams and Outlook collaboration 

Allow your salespeople to improve their overall efficiency no matter where they are based with Dynamics 365 integrations between Teams and Outlook. 

Easily follow Microsoft Teams chat as an activity in timeline 

You will find that following this latest update, all users will be able to easily find recent activity on the chats via the direct entry into the record’s timeline. This will enable them to complete the following actions: 

  • Ability to follow a linked chat as an activity in the timeline. 
  • Ability to review important actions in the chat on the associated record’s timeline 
  • Ability to receive notifications when a conversation is updated, a document is shared or when a conversation is linked or unlinked. 
  • Ability to search the timeline for specific chat activities. 
  • Ability to head directly to a conversation of interest via the record’s timeline. 

2 – Sales accelerator and process automation 

You will find that the sales accelerator is a sales engagement platform that allows sellers to easily and effectively engage with both prospects and customers across multiple channels. In addition to this, a tailored worklist steers sellers into connecting with the right people and allows them to easily streamline workflow through both automation and integration. 

The use of process automation enables you to easily assign leads as well as opportunities to the right people in your business. Setup easily configurable rules to enable you to easily distribute leads and opportunities amongst your salespeople based on business logic. You will also be able to maintain availability and capacity to spread out the workload of your employees. 

Guide sellers to work simultaneously 

You will find that through the use of this latest enhancement, the sales manager or the operation team leader will be able to: 

  • Allocate multiple sellers to work on certain sequences for a particular record simultaneously. 
  • Make use of segments to create rules that bring together different sequences to sellers. 

From this, the sellers in your business will be able to: 

  • Easily view all the activities across sellers for a record in a unified interface. 
  • Allocate an activity from your sequence to your colleagues and follow progress. 
  • Each individual seller will be able to see their respective upcoming activity in the worklist and up next widget. 

3 – Conversation Intelligence 

You will find that conversation intelligence makes use of both analytics and data science to collate data from sellers’ call recordings and Dynamics 365 Sales and from this gives you information and insights to intelligently manage your sales team and proactively coach sellers. 

Get tips and suggestions whilst on a call with a customer 

You will find that remote selling is much easier than face-to-face selling as conversation intelligence automatically surfaces real-time ideas and tips whilst salespeople are on a call or Teams meeting with an existing customer. Other things that have come to light include information and discussions on both product and service details, competitive battle cards as well as pricing and much, much more. 

4 – Reporting 

You will see that Dynamics 365 Sales provides a whole host of standard reports that would enable sales managers as well as admins to gain a firm understanding of the sales application. Furthermore, the reports would also allow you to gauge how well your team and individuals are using the application. In addition to this, the filtering parameters would allow all of them to gain different viewpoints about the overall performance and usage of a sales record. 

Track your progress using seller dashboard 

Once this latest update has been applied, the sellers in your business will be able to do the following activities: 

  • Review your dashboard to check on progress 
  • Get a snapshot view of all the progress of your activities across contacts, leads, accounts as well as opportunities you are involved in 
  • Review key insights across activities, relationships as well as conversations you have engaged in. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to transform the way you work through the implementation of a tailored Dynamics 365 Sales CRM to take advantage of the above improvements then don’t delay, give our team of Dynamics 365 experts a call today to discuss your specific needs. 

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