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3 game changing features to use in Office 365

With the vast majority of businesses across the UK making use of the Office 365 platform in some capacity or another, we’re always keen to find even more efficient ways of working. 

To help you on your journey towards more efficient working with Office 365, in our latest blog article, we’re going to provide you with 3 game changing features in Office 365 that you might not know about! 

1) The capability to send videos to others 

If you are trying to show or explain something to your colleagues sometimes it is better to use video over written words. No matter whether it is a staff induction video or training on the latest finance system, video can make it easier for your team to communicate with each other. 

The vast majority of Office 365 users don’t know about Microsoft Streams which is built into Office 365. It works in the same way as YouTube but is solely for internal use, furthermore, it enables you to upload, store and share videos inside your companies Office 365 tenant. 

2) Easily create surveys, online forms as well as polls 

It is worth nothing that there are a number of online services that allow you to create online forms in order to capture vital information from either your customers, suppliers or stakeholders. 

Microsoft Forms is another Office 365 app that enables you to quickly create online forms, surveys as well as polls from the comfort of your own Office 365 browser. 

One of the best bits of functionality in Microsoft Forms is the fact that you can easily link to an internal Excel document or SharePoint site to enable your colleagues to view this data in real time. 

If you are looking to take this to the next level, you can easily combine Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Power Automate to enable you to run specific tasks based on how someone completes a form. 

3) Editing PDFs inside Microsoft Word 

No one can be surely exactly when Microsoft integrated this feature into Word but many users have been calling out for this to be added for many years. 

No doubts that you’ve been stuck with a finalised version of a PDF? Even worse, you want to edit the PDF to include some additional text or imagery. Back in the day, you would need to have an Adobe Acrobat license just to change a few things in a pdf! 

This is not the case now! 

Microsoft has got round to adding the ability to tweak your PDFs in Microsoft Word. 

How do I get there? 

Load up Microsoft Word, then go to ‘File’ followed by ‘Open’ then go to ‘Select PDF from your computer’. At this point, Word will automatically revert the PDF back to a Word version to allow you to make the changes you need to do. 

Next Steps? 

If you have read the above article and are keen to improve your overall efficiency with Office 365 through bespoke Office 365 training then please get in touch with our Office 365 experts now to discuss your specific requirements. 

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