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Case Study: How Advantage helped Fair Finance to transform the way they worked through a game changing CRM integration


Fair Finance offers a range of financial products and services designed to meet the needs of people who are financially excluded. They are committed to providing high quality products and services that are affordable and accessible. Wherever possible they work in partnership with other companies and agencies that share their goals. 

Most of their customers are ignored by the mainstream financial services industry and exploited by the sub-prime financial services sector. When they’ve helped to put the loan sharks and predatory lenders out of business, then they’ll know we’ve been successful. 

The Challenge / The Problem 

Currently, customers provide their details on the ChooseWisely website where they get offered loans from Fair Finance. After they have made the decision to go with Fair Finance products, they are redirected to the Fair Finance website. 

This is where the main issue exists when customers are redirected, they need to enter their details again, which results in a higher number of dropouts. This is where a solution needs to be found to reduce the number of dropouts occurring. 

The Solution 

Given that Advantage had already put together Fair Finance’s portal previously, it made perfect sense for them to approach Advantage for a solution to this problem. 

Advantage using their expertise in the field of integrations and APIs proposed that they should create an API on the Fair Finance server. The way in which it would work would be that ChooseWisely would call the Fair Finance API, submit the customer information, and then redirect the customer onto the Fair Finance website.  

From here, Fair Finance would have the customer information stored locally in the database which would be used to pre-populate the landing page with previously entered information, so the customer didn’t have to enter the information twice. 

The Benefits 

The CRM integration through the API was successfully delivered by Advantage to allow Fair Finance to streamline the overall process from start to finish, some of the following benefits were realised: 

  • Fair Finance was able to reduce the amount of drop-offs occurring during the process. 
  • Fair Finance was able to revolutionise the overall experience for its customers. 
  • Fair Finance could easily retain all the customer information without forcing the customer to reenter it. 

Faisel Rahman, CEO and Founder of Fair Finance was delighted with the overall results delivered for their business “we’re really happy with the CRM integration via the API that Advantage provided for our business as well as how quickly and efficiently they managed to deliver it, on time and within budget. Furthermore, we were delighted with how good the communication throughout the project was and how quickly Advantage took action on any issues that cropped up. We would have no problem in recommending Advantage to any business looking to streamline the processes in their business”. 

Gary Griffin, Dynamics Account Manager at Advantage further added “when Fair Finance came to Advantage, they required a specific CRM integration via an API that retained customer information during the overall process which is something that we were more than happy to deliver for them using our expertise in the field and going that extra mile for them. We’re delighted that they are realising the benefits following the implementation of this solution”. 


Advantage continues to support Fair Finance with all of its existing solutions as they look to streamline their processes and take their business to the next level.