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What is Microsoft Bookings?

Put simply, Microsoft Bookings is a Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) application designed to make your scheduling and managing appointments easier.  These bookings include a web-based booking calendar that seamlessly integrates with Outlook to optimise your employee’s calendar, giving your customers the added flexibility to book a time that works best for them.

Bookings can make it much simpler for virtual appointments to take place via Microsoft Teams and can make managing your day-to-day schedule much easier through the Bookings app in Teams. 

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What are the main features of Microsoft Bookings?

Simplify scheduling to save time 

Save valuable time when scheduling with Microsoft Bookings with the ability to customise appointment details, booking requirements as well as specifying certain service providers to streamline the booking experience for you and your customers. 

Conduct meetings virtually through Microsoft Teams 

Easily conduct meetings virtually via Microsoft Teams. Each appointment is booked as a virtual one whereby a meeting link is created so that attendees can join virtually from almost any location and from any device. 

Tailor appointments to your business needs 

Microsoft Bookings is designed to offer added flexibility as well as tailored options to suit a whole host of different requirements across your business. Easily create and manage multiple Bookings calendars each with their own setups. 

Give added customer flexibility, convenience as well as control 

Microsoft Bookings gives customers more options as they can visit your bookings page, schedule an appointment as well as receive confirmation emails and calendar invites. Better still, customers that book online can rearrange or cancel meetings themselves if required. 

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What are the benefits of Microsoft Bookings?

Enable your business to operate 24/7

After you setup Bookings, you get a public web page that can allow your customers to book appointments around the clock. 

Reduce Delegate No Show Ups

Easily send automated appointment reminders to customers, as and when you wish to do so. Furthermore, you can also set reminders for your own staff too. 

Manage Bookings on the move

Through the mobile app, you can easily add/view appointments and access/change staff and schedule info whilst out of the office as well as take any meeting calls. 

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