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Why you should upgrade from Sage 50 to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Is your business outgrowing Sage 50? Many UK businesses use Sage 50 beyond its capacity. As an accounting software Sage 50 lacks the functionality, scalability and versatility of a true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like, Microsoft Dynamics GP which manages much more than just financials.

If you’re thinking about switching from Sage 50, why not take a look at Dynamics GP? We’ve put together the top reasons why it’s the right system for you and your growing business:

More than just an accounting and inventory system

Unlike Sage 50, Dynamics GP can manage much more than just financials. It can also handle your inventory, operations, sales, service, human resources and financials – In fact all of your key business functions! You’ll also have the flexibility to add more modules to GP to support other aspects of your growing business.

Grows with your business

Dynamics GP has been designed as a flexible and scalable solution. As your business grows, so will the volume of data and the number of users required to support your business. Unlike Sage 50, Dynamics GP will grow with your business. You’ll have the option to implement Dynamics GP in the cloud, meaning it will expand and contract as and when your business has surges in activity. And better still, with the cloud you only pay for what you use and there are no upfront costs.

Great ‘out of the box’ but customisable too

Dynamics GP is open architecture software that’s designed to make adding, upgrading and swapping components easy. For example, GP comes with standard reporting through Excel and SQL reporting. However, GP has the flexibility to add third party reporting solutions, to consolidate reports from different systems, utilising the Business Intelligence (BI) platform of your choice.

With over 1200 add-ons available, you can fine tune Dynamics GP to the exact requirements of your business.

That ‘familiar’ feeling

With decades of software development behind them, Microsoft has heavily invested in optimising Dynamics GP. Based on the Microsoft Outlook interface, you’ll find using GP familiar and intuitive. It also uses your favourite Microsoft Office 365 Applications such as Excel, making interrogating and exporting data simple!

Rapid to implement and simple to migrate

Transferring over to Dynamics GP from Sage 50 couldn’t be easier. With Advantage’s Fast Track migration methodology, you can have an installation of Dynamics GP up and running in only 6 days – Making the upgrade quick and painless.