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Restoring Test Companies in Dynamics GP2013

The introduction of multi-tenants in Microsoft Dynamics GP2013 also brought about an additional step in restoring test companies.

After taking a backup of a live database and restoring over the test database, when users log in, they will see an error:

‘The selected company is not configured as a company of the current Microsoft Dynamics GP system database. You must resolved the database configuration to log in to the company.’


The company master table (SY01500) within the Dynamics holds the Company ID of each GP company:


Since the introduction of multi-tenant, each GP company database comes with an additional table; the System Database Name table (SY00100). So in my example above I took a copy of TRATT and restored over my test company K0998.

If I look in the System Database Name table in the K0998 database I see the below:


But we know from the company master table (SY01500) within the Dynamics that database K0998 should have a company ID of 2, not 1. It has obviously taken this value from the company I used to do my restore. You can just run an update script in the SY00100 within the K0998 to update this value from 1 to 2 or run the below script against the database you need updating;


I hope my advice helps users get the most out of Dynamics GP2013.

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