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Why should your business implement a CRM system?

You will often find that the most effective salespeople are those that spend their time selling and closing deals. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is the core piece of software that streamlines the process to make it easier for businesses to manage relationships with both customers and prospects within one place, thus removing many manual tasks and freeing up a sales persons time to chase more sales.

You will find that a state of the art CRM system is a vital element of any sales process and is often used across many different industries and sectors.

So before we go any further just what is a CRM?

Essentially, a CRM system is the central point for your sales information. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or have an internal sales team, a CRM is a vital cog in the wheel for any business who want to both maintain and build their customer relationships and maximise both sales and profits.

Here are a few of the many business problems that implementing a CRM system can help to resolve:

CRM for Customer Service Teams

Customer turnover rate is too high in our business. Existing accounts are poorly segmented and staff are not quick to follow up or engage with our current customers.

Customer service requests are not effectively being managed with many customer issues not being dealt with as they are not easily visible.

Business Intelligence

Decision making is largely made on hunches and predictions as the current reporting in place is untrustworthy or not easy to produce.

Key Performance Indicators are not measured effectively enough so core problems are not addressed and high achievers not rewarded based on their performance.

CRM for Sales & Marketing

Numerous sales opportunities are lost due to the lack of the engagement with prospects via follow up calls or lead nurturing messages.

Individual customer relationships & order history aren’t easily visible in one place which is a major barrier to identifying and pursuing more selling opportunities.

Sales admin is too time consuming as it largely involves producing manual forecasts, long quoting processes & too much effort in processing completed orders.

Contact & Process Management

Efficiency is reduced when people out of the office are not able to access the information they require.

Teams are using a variety of different systems but none of them align with one another. Therefore, many processes are duplicated and lots of time is wasted in the business.

Numerous processes and checks heavily rely on the manual intervention of a small group or individual which are prone to failure when they are not available.

If you believe one or more of the above problems exist in your business, maybe its time for you to look into implementing a comprehensive CRM system with a Microsoft Gold Partner. Contact our team of CRM experts today to discuss your specific requirements & how we can help you to transform the way you work through a Quick Start CRM package.

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