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It pays to adopt hybrid working in the professional services industry

It is safe to say that some professional services businesses took the leap of faith into hybrid working before anyone else as they had the knowledge and expertise to be able to get it to work effectively. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this shift towards hybrid working increased substantially proving that this approach to working could work on a grand scale. 

This is backed by a recent study by the Harvard Business Review who discovered that the acceleration of remote working doesn’t just offer time and cost savings but also the fact that remote work has proven its viability in people’s own experiences. Over 58% of respondents to the study suggested that it's because remote work has become the new norm and just works. 

Therefore, from the above, it is pretty evident that hybrid work isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and that doesn’t just mean working from home. This is suggested by 86% of respondents who state that the digital workspace has to coexist alongside the physical workspace well into the future. Ensuring that this integration between the two work is vital in helping to drive productivity, collaboration as well as employee and customer satisfaction. 

How can your professional services business build an exceptional experience? 

With Advantage’s years of experience in the professional services sector, we’ve noticed that there are three significant factors that set those businesses apart in terms of the overall hybrid work experience. 

These businesses focus on people: Instead of looking at the technical elements of this approach, look at how you wish to help encourage employees and customers to pick the best technologies that will help them to meet the required goals.  

These businesses are forward thinking: Throughout the pandemic, some businesses opted to buy point solutions as a reaction to emerging requirements. This meant that they had a liquorice allsorts of solutions that were hard to manage and hard to get to work in unison. Look at the more long-term options when it comes to hybrid working. 

These businesses provide agile support: When people are working from almost every location possible, the way in which they access technical support changes dramatically. Being able to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of customers requires support to be easily accessible and effective whenever and wherever it’s required. 

Next Steps? 

By using a more strategised approach to hybrid work, you can not only remain competitive but you can also help your customers to build towards digital transformation and growth. The cloud-based solutions that we can provide through Microsoft such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Azure can help your business to thrive with integrated technology, human-centric experiences and constant innovation. 

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