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Is the Force strong with your IT system?

The Star Wars saga is beloved by millions globally. The films depict technology, systems and scenarios that offer lessons and insights to modern businesses and their IT systems.                                

Is the Force strong with your IT and business systems? And are they enough to support your growing business?

  • Safe and secure data

In Star Wars, R2-D2 breached the Death Star’s security system to override the trash compacter that was crushing Leia, Luke, Han and Chewbacca. Allowing R2-D2 to hack security was a massive oversight by the Death Star’s IT services!

In 2015, the UK Government reported 90% of large businesses and 74% small businesses had security breaches. Security breaches damage the credibility of a business and have legal and financial consequences - TalkTalk, a leading telecoms firm, discovered this when their system was breached.

Modern businesses should have the latest firewall, anti-virus and encryption technology installed to prevent security breaches and to keep data secure. If your business doesn’t, now is the time to invest or to find a supplier who knows how make your business secure.

  • Agile and flexible systems

It was Luke Skywalker’s agile and flexible approach that resulted in the destruction of the Death Star.

Your IT and business systems should be the same – agile, flexible and scalable and should support the way your business works. Modern cloud-based systems offer just that. With the cloud, the work is done by your cloud provider. You’ll be able to take advantage of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

This means that resources are only consumed when you do something, like analysing data in Excel or when a surge of traffic hits your website. As cloud hosting is typically a subscription service, you’ll only pay extra if you exceed defined boundaries. So, instead of spending money on systems and software that you occasionally use, you’ll only pay for what you use, when you use it.

  • Robust backup plan

When Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star, it would have been disastrous for the Empire’s ambitions if they didn’t have a backup plan. It’s critical to safeguard your data by having a concrete backup plan. Research by Cloud wards indicates 90% of businesses that suffer total data loss, shut down within 2 years.

  • Mobile systems for anytime, anywhere access

Yoda’s dexterity and mobility sets him apart from his foes, allowing him to defeat larger opponents with ease. Modern businesses also need to embrace mobility and mobile business systems. A good business solution should allow you to work wherever you need to, whenever you need to, using whatever device you’re using. Progressive software like Microsoft’s Office 365 has apps that allow you to edit across devices and sync this information centrally.

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