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How managed IT services can save you money

Offices like the one in the picture above are a relic of bygone times. Today, a typical office utilises lots of sophisticated hardware and software designed to meet the requirements of a modern business. Purchasing, maintaining and upgrading all of these is a huge financial and time consuming commitment for growing businesses like yours.


Not convinced about managed IT yet?

Here’s a statistic for you: 46% of managed IT service users have cut their annual IT costs by 25 percent or more, according to CompTIA.

Saving money sounds good? Stick around and you’ll find out how and why:

What are managed IT services?

Okay. It’s basically the practice of outsourcing IT services. A service provider assumes responsibility for providing a specific set of services to you. These services can be provided proactively (so things like software and hardware updates) or if the client determines a need for IT services.

Alright, so how does this save me money?

Simply, because you’ll slash your IT bill. It works on the principle that you only pay for what you need when you need it. Here are a few examples:

  • - Hiring IT staff: You won’t need to do that anymore as we’ll be managing your IT for you. Which means the time and money you’d spend on a really boring recruitment process, can be spent elsewhere.
  • - Save on training: As you’re no longer hiring staff, you won’t need to spend money training them up on the latest technologies – saving you a fortune in expensive education.
  • You only use us when you need us: The great thing about most managed IT services plans is that they operate on a pay as you go basis. Meaning you only accrue costs when you really need them – saving you the costs of a continuous IT presence.

You’ve sold me on the money – What about some other benefits?

Oh, there’s plenty!

Security: Security is a bit of a big deal. It can cost businesses like yours $4 million in fines and other untold expenses. Security isn’t just anti-virus and firewalls as there’s a human element behind most security breaches. In fact, 95% of all security incidents involve human error according to IBMReputable IT providers will provide security awareness training and provide robust security measures to help your staff navigate potential pitfalls.

IT that scales: The great thing about using a managed IT service is it’ll scale with your business as it grows. You’ll be able to expand and contract your IT operation as you see fit., helping you to remain competitive and able to cut costs if required.

A weight off your mind: Managed IT takes the hassle out of your IT services. Instead of fretting about things like adhering to the latest security procedures and keeping hardware and software up to date, you’ll outsource that worry to us. It’s our job to worry, so you don’t have to!

IT infrastructure underpins every modern business – there’s no getting around it! Managed IT services take the burden of having to worry about it all away from you. It’ll help to free up loads of your time, put your mind at ease and help you to focus on the things that are actually important to you and your business.

If saving money, worrying less and having a safer and secure business sounds like your kind of thing, why don’t you check out our managed services section of our website?