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What game changing new features will be coming to Dynamics GP 18.4?

Microsoft has recently released its latest version of Dynamics GP which will bring with it a whole host of game changing new features. 

In this blog article, we will take you through some of the new features which will come to include improvements in Workflows, Ledgers, Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Bank Reconciliation & Project Accounting. 


Auto-post Batches 

The ability to automatically post Approved Workflows for the Payables, Receivables and General Ledger Batches has been added. When this new option is marked in the Workflow Setup, and a transaction is Final Approved, it will be automatically posted in GP. No posting reports will generate during this process, but the posting journals will still be accessible to print after the fact from the respective modules Posting Journal Reports.  

To setup this functionality, open the Workflow Maintenance window via Administration / Setup / Company / Workflow /  Workflow Maintenance. You will notice a new workflow option to mark, titled ‘Automatically post when workflow complete’. 


When a workflow approval is automatically posted the Workflow History will display a message stating: Batch XXXX was posted by the workflow process. 



It should be noted that this functionality is only available (on this release) when approving via the GP Interface and not when the approval is via an Email. 

Carbon Copy Email Recipient Removal  

Along with the option to send emails to the originator/submitter of a workflow in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can also send 'carbon copies' to other users as well, such as when a workflow is rejected, delegated or final approved.  

In the Workflow Email Notification Maintenance window (Administration/ Setup /Company / Workflow / Workflow Maintenance) click the lookup arrow next to 'Send notifications for completed actions', tick the Notify Originator options required eg Reject, Final Approve.  A default Email Message will be populated. A user account to receive the carbon copies can be selected.  Simply click on the red cross next to the user to deselect them. This is useful should somebody leave your organisation or change roles.  

The below screenshot shows, by clicking on the red arrow, a recipient can be removed from receiving the carbon copy of the Approval Email.  


Workflow Approver Count  

Previously, in the Workflow Step setup for Microsoft Dynamics GP, for the 'Completion Policy' options, we only had three options:  

  • Only one response needed 
  • Majority must approve 
  • All must approve  

Now, we have a fourth option available: 'Number of approvers' where we can specify the exact number of approvers required out of those specified, to allow the final approval of the workflow step to take place.