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What are the latest new and improved features heading to Microsoft Azure this year?

Microsoft revealed back in their Microsoft Inspire event in the Summer that there would be a whole host of new and improved features coming to the Microsoft stack. When it comes to Microsoft Azure the three areas that Microsoft wished to focus on for the rest of the year were the following: 

  • Developing better cloud-native experiences 
  • Updating both the app and data estates 
  • Migrating and modernising the infrastructure and mission-critical workloads 

In order to help achieve the above objectives, Microsoft revealed some new and improved features for Azure: 

Game changing cloud-native experiences 

You will find that applications that make use of Azure as the main cloud platform will help businesses in being able to access data with insights that will enable them to make better decisions and improve customer experiences. Advantage helps with this as we work with businesses through the use of AI and fully scalable databases to help create cloud apps. 

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform 

Microsoft Partners such as us can make use of the recently released Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform to bring applications and data estates up to date and up to scratch. The best thing about this is the fact that the end-to-end program helps to guarantee real-time adaptability by seamlessly integrating analytics and insights, databases as well as governance to enable businesses to have greater control over their data estate and enable more time to be invested in maximising the value of it. One of the core benefits of using this program is the fact that it can be used no matter how far down the line you are with a digital transformation 

Microsoft Azure Migration & Modernisation Program 

This program is a real game changer for Microsoft partners such as Advantage as it allows for trouble free migrations and app modernisations as well as data and infrastructure. This is a fantastic feature for our customers as it can help to enhance the scale of migrations via the new and improved functionality within Azure Migrate. Better still, the use of this program can help reduce cloud migration costs as businesses will be able to take advantage of offers and incentives specifically tailored for their business. As well as this, support is also on hand to give that extra coverage and guidance at all stages of the migration process. 

Microsoft Azure private computing 

This feature enables you to protect your data amongst participants through highly secure multiparty data analytics. Azure confidential computing enables you to keep your business data safe throughout a cloud migration process. This works through the use of data encryption in memory inside hardware-based execution environments. After the cloud environment has been allocated, the data is transferred seamlessly and securely. This extra layer of security is required to stop cloud providers, admins and users from being able to access this data. 

Microsoft Cloud for Sovereignty 

This new and improved feature coming to Azure is directed at public sector organisations looking to work towards digital transformations, improving social and economic growth and the services they provide to their client base. Furthermore, this feature helps to make sure that strict compliance, security and policy requirements are satisfied whilst workloads are digitally transformed to both assist in improving accuracy and efficiency. By allowing more control to be gained over sensitive data in addition to the enhanced transparency to satisfy operational and governance cloud processes, this feature is perfect to help public sector organisations to meet growing digital challenges. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to migrate to the Cloud through tailored Microsoft Azure consulting as part of your move towards a full digital transformation then please give our team of Microsoft experts a call today to discuss how we can help you make this transition. 

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