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Microsoft increases Azure presence in the UK

Microsoft has recently announced that they have expanded its UK Azure regions by double its initial size due to the additional Availability Zones. With the addition of the South region, this will increase the computing power 15 fold since its arrival in 2016.


The benefits that come with a cloud-based approach to business have been heralded in recent years with Azure picking up critical acclaim based on the advantages Azure brings for SME’s. The expanded regions will result in increased business protection for businesses leasing at least two zones within the same region (either West or South) and will have guaranteed access to at least 99% in case of any failure or disruptions in any other areas.


This is not the full extent of the development however, there is also the new announcement of the general availability of Azure DevOps in the South Region which is set to allow users in the area enhanced access to the company’s suite of software development tools. This new expansion should allow for improved resilience, stability and scalability for growing businesses in these regions as cover and adoption of Microsoft solutions continues to grow and dominate within the UK, especially for Small to medium-sized businesses.


This conveys the expanding demand for cloud-based solutions for UK businesses as adoption becomes a viable option for many companies looking to future proof their businesses and have access to consistent updates and security. Why not find out whether Microsoft Azure is a good fit for you?


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