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Jet Reports has become Jet Global

Jet Reports, the most widely used reporting and analytics solution for Microsoft Dynamics ERP have announced their new brand name as Jet Global Data Technologies.

Over 219,000 users of Jet Reports will be pleased to experience even more features and functionality with no significant changes to Jet Global business, global partners or customers. This rebrand brings with it reimagined and enhanced products with a new product lineup being unveiled with changes to product names such as Jet Reports and Jet Analytics.


The Jet Global CEO Joe Little commented that “The speed of development in technology isn’t slowing down. As Microsoft pushes technology advancements, we push along with them. With the launch of Dynamics 365 and our continued jump into the cloud, it was clear that our product line-up went far beyond reporting. For years, we’ve helped people with their analytics, data management, and report portability, but that message was increasingly lost as we grew beyond our core reporting focus. Moreover, with the introduction of our new Jet Budgets product, we thought the time for re-invention was now.”

George Brown, VP Of Sales and Marketing added “The market may have been stagnant around us for a few years because our products work so well, they almost forget we’re here. We started to look at who we are and what we want to do for our customers and realized that the Jet Reports name was selling our mission short. Our mission has always been to help customers access their data to make decisions that drive better business outcomes, and we do that with more than reporting. The rebrand was a huge undertaking for the entire team here, and we really considered what we wanted it to say about us. We realized that we love the Jet moniter, but felt limited by the reports component from a core delivery perspective. With the new Jet Global branding, we’re best able to help people understand how we can help them with total data access.”

The Jet Global offerings provide rapid time-to-value and is purpose-built for the needs of Microsoft Dynamics ERP users. With over 16 years of delivering access to key data through fast and flexible reporting and business analytics solutions that are cost-effective and industry leading this rebrand brings a refreshed focus on the end-user.  The vision is to bring total data access to all on a global scale to help businesses thrive.

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