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Jet 2019 Update

The new Jet Global rebrand brings with it a host of useful updates with improved functionality for the user. Here are some of the features included in Jet 2019.

Jet Reports

jet reports

The Jet Reports tool allows you to get all the financial and operational tools you need in a format that works best for your business. You can build custom reports in minutes, pull your data in Excel and utilise Dynamics. This includes a few upgrades such as:

  • Improved speed, up to 5 times faster report generation, improving the overall report performance
  • Connectivity to Business Central
  • Connectivity to Jet Budgets
  • A user friendly report wizard for ease of report creation
  • Pop up notification alerts for when a new version of Jet reporting is available

Jet Budgets


The biggest addition to Jet 2019 is Jet Budgets which allows you to build your own financial budgets and can be instantly integrated with Dynamics. Here are some of the featured updates:

  • Online based budgeting with links to the financial information
  • Multiple budget creation without having to import into the finance system
  • Budgets can be carried out by any dimension on the chart of accounts, or the full string
  • Budget sections and hierarchies can be easily created for ease of “top down” budgeting. Bottom up and company specific budgeting methods are also available
  • Users can be assigned access to part or all of a budget. Any user with a license can access, upload, or amend budgets provided they have been granted the required security access
  • Email notification to users when they have been assigned tasks within the budget
  • Budgets can flow through an approval process before they become live
  • Budgets can be easily downloaded to or copied from Excel, or entered online
  • Automatic links to Jet Budgets from Jet Financial Reporting to allow actual vs budget reporting

Jet Hub (Requires Office 365)


The Jet Hub is a collaboration software that allows you to access the right data anywhere and control and publish your budgets, reports and dashboard from any mobile device. Some key benefits of this functionality are:

  • Reports can be shared, run, and downloaded from a website. This allows greater self-service of reporting and less reliance on finance to produce reports and send them around the business. Additionally, this increases business efficiency and cuts down reporting time.
  • Reports can also be scheduled to be run from the Jet Hub.
  • Security guarded users functionality so users can only view reports and data applicable to them.
  • Links with Jet Financials, Jet Analytics, and Jet Budgets.

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