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Is Microsoft Dynamics software support – one size fits all?

Software support isn’t one size fits all – although for many, many years the alternatives were pretty limited.

Like people though, companies come in a range of different sizes with differing demands and just because you’re a large company, it doesn’t mean you necessarily consume a lot of support and you may start to think, “What is it I’m paying for every year?”

In other blogs, we’ve talked about your partner adding value to support through the provision of other services. Be they educational, consultancy or just information through newsletters and blogs to supplement the help desk. But if you really aren’t using your support and you want to save money is there anything you can do?

In short – yes!

There are elements of your Microsoft Dynamics support you can’t change. These are the payments to Microsoft that your Value Added Reseller (VAR) collects on Microsoft’s behalf and they allow you to upgrade to the latest release without charge and the ability to escalate potential problems via your VAR. This is your “Annual Enhancement Plan”. You can’t get away from it and Microsoft won’t change unfortunately.

As standard the Helpdesk element tends to be a flat rate of 10% of your licence charge. Which could add up to a lot of money! This gives you unlimited access to your VAR help desk.

But what if you don’t need unlimited access? What if 5 calls per month, or 5 calls a year are enough?  Shouldn’t you be able to tailor your help desk support?  Yes, you can.

Talk to your VAR, explain your concerns and see what they can offer to bring your annual support costs down to something that you feel offers better value for money.

You can always change it subsequently. but talk to your VAR before you enter your 90-day notice period. It’ll give you a chance to change the support cover you receive to reflect the support cover you need.

VAR won’t change? Change your VAR.

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