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Give your business what it needs to get the gold

The summer Olympics have arrived! At Advantage, we’ll be doing our bit to cheer on Team GB. We were fortunate 4 years ago to have hosted one of the most absorbing Olympics we’ve seen in our lifetime – well from the perspective of a humble IT company!

In 2012, athletes engraved their names into history. Mo Farah took gold in both the 5000m and 10,000m, Jessica Ennis-Hill struck gold in the Heptathlon and who can forget about the mercurial Usain Bolt?

Olympic sports are the pinnacle of sporting endeavour and these characteristics can lend important lessons for business too.

Take a weight off your shoulders

Weightlifting is the ultimate test of strength for Olympic athletes. It features the deadlift; a show of brute strength where athletes attempt to lift a barbell off the ground, loaded with as much weight as possible.

We aren’t suggesting you employ an Olympic athlete to do your heavy lifting for you – but why not consider relocating to the cloud? Microsoft Azure is the latest cloud platform that does all the heavy lifting for you. You’ll be able to host critical business systems in the cloud, that’ll expand and contract with your business as and when your business demands it.

Always hit the target

Hitting the target is critical to success in archery and it’s the same for any marketing strategy in your business. Luckily CRM software like Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you with that! The marketing suite in Dynamics CRM contains tools like social listening, marketing resource management, and lead management and scoring tools – empowering your business with the tools it needs to personalise all your marketing.

You’ll never miss the target again with sophisticated marketing tools.

Overcome your inventory hurdles

Inventory management remains a significant hurdle for SMEs to overcome. With 46% of SMEs admitting they don’t track inventory or use a manual method, it creates huge inventory management issues. Inaccurate inventory can result in poor forecasting, missed sales opportunities and generate frustration within your business.

Software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help with this! NAV has a raft of inventory management options and can even link with third party suppliers – Tackling your inventory management hurdles.

Stop wrestling with your financials

When customers come to Advantage for help, one of their biggest headaches is wrestling with their financials. Like wrestlers, they struggle to grapple and take control of things like cash flow, assets and banking. ERP software like Microsoft Dynamics GP empowers businesses with the tools to take control of their financials. It doesn’t just do financials though, as it can also handle things like inventory, Business Intelligence and can integrate really well with CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Stop grappling with your financials and take back control with ERP software.

A system that does a bit of everything
The heptathlon is arguably one of the most difficult disciplines to master. Athletes like Jessica Hill-Ennis have to compete in 7 different athletic endeavors including demonstrating prowess over 100m, javelin and long jump.

The newly unveiled Dynamics 365 from Microsoft is the “one system to rule them all”. It integrates ERP, CRM and Office Productivity tools into one a single piece of software. It’s only available in the cloud too, so no elongated or expensive implementation procedures. We recently wrote a blog all about it, so go and check it out!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be following the Olympics here at Advantage. We’ll be cheering on all of the athletes! (But secretly we’re a little biased towards Team GB!)

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