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Dynamics GP 18.6: 5 new features that will be available as part of the October 2023 update

As part of Microsoft’s latest round of Wave 2 updates, Dynamics GP will be receiving a whole host of new features that will formulate the latest version of Dynamics GP which will be 18.6. 

In our latest blog article, we will take you through 5 new features that will heading to Dynamics GP 18.6 as part of the October 2023 update. 

1 – Shared Mailbox with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 

The first of the latest features that we have picked out from the Dynamics GP October 2023 release is that you are now able to setup the Sales and Purchasing series to use a shared mailbox for sending email. 

With the growing work completed around MFA and GP customers increasingly making use of it, the Shared Mailbox was required. 

From a user point of view using this feature, when you first go to perform an e-mail action during a Dynamics GP session, you will find that the same sign-in window appears when they are using Modern Authentication. This is where you would need to use your log in details. Therefore, when the user sends a sales or purchasing document, it will be sent from the account specified in the Shared Mailbox field. 

2 – Modern Authentication – Single Tenant App Registration 

As part of the Dynamics GP October 2023 update, you will find that you can also create an App Registration in Azure that makes use of the Single tenant option as well as a multi-tenant option.  

It is also true that more security conscious customers need the multi-tenant option in the Azure App registration. Before the 18.6 release, if you chose the single-tenant option, the Modern Auth window in Dynamics GP would have given you an ‘Unknown Error’. 

3 – Customer statements display open items 

Following the release of 18.6, you will find that another option has been created for customer statements to display or remove fully applied transactions.  

Furthermore, this will take out any payments, credits, debits, invoices that have been fully applied. 

Before 18.6, if you wanted to use the option ‘exclude fully paid payments’, then it would only remove the payment, but the invoice would have still been listed but with a zero balance. 

4 – Email/Reprint Vendor Remittance 

It is safe to say that most Dynamics GP users edit the message setup specific information that they would like the vendor to understand with the email. It is important to note that when you email or reprint the vendor remittances, the customised fields you added from the email message setup are not included. 

To complete the action, head to ‘Purchasing’ then ‘Inquiry’ then ‘Transaction by Vendor’ followed by ‘Select Vendor ID’ then ‘Select the payment’ then ‘Click on the blue Document Number’ followed by ‘Click on Re-create Check Stub button’ and lastly ‘send re-print EFT remittance email’. 

As a result of the 18.6 release, the customised fields that you added and printed on the original form, you will find will also print or be included when you either email or reprint the remittance from the inquiry window. 

5 – Reverse Financial year end close by Company 

You will have noticed that when the reverse fiscal year feature was added, it needed all users to be logged out of all Dynamics GP companies. Following on the 18.6 release, you now only need all users to be out of the company you are in to be able to reverse fiscal year end close for that company only. 

This is fantastic as you will no longer need to have all users logged out of all companies. Furthermore, you will save lots of time and enable your users to keep processing in other companies. 

How do I upgrade to Dynamics GP 18.6? 

You will find that GP versions: 18.5 & 18.6 will support SQL 2022, 2019, 2017 and 2016 along with Windows Server 2019 & 2022. 

When it comes to upgrading, you will need to go through the versions, so if you are using Dynamics GP 18.3 you will need to go 18.4, 18.5 and then 18.6. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Dynamics GP and want to take advantage of the above new features by upgrading then please talk to our team of GP experts today to get started now

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