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BA Reveals More Victims In Data Breach

There have been an extra 185,000 cardholders added to the original number of 380,000 that have been caught up in the recent British Airways IT data breach.  Previously, as of September around 380,000 payment cards and personal information were exposed to a gang of hackers that used malicious JS code to copy the information directly to the group. BA released a notice saying that up to 77,000 customers could have had their names, addresses and card details (which may even include the CVV) swiped with an estimation of 108,000 people’s data taken but without the CVV. 

This breach impacted customers making reward bookings between April 21st and July 28th 2018, however, there are no verified cases of misuse as of yet customers are advised to contact their bank or financial provider as a precaution.   

However, this could result in BA facing huge fines as a result of this breachWith the increase of attacks on some of the world’s most lucrative and data rich companies on the rise the continued breaches highlight the importance for organisations to protect themselves with strong IT support but also to be extremely reactive should a breach occur. This trend in high-profile companies becoming victim to attacks has left an uncertain cyber security culture.  

BA owners International Airlines Group (IAG) have stated that both attacks have seemed to have been done by the same group.  This increase in cyber security issues or “black hat hacker” gangs has left companies with no choice but to think more seriously about their security procedures and protection from such data breaches. In the coming months expect companies to be more proactive in their cyber – security protection to ease both customers and partners fears. 

The latest Cyber Security statistics bring a shocking reality to light concerning big companies and SME’s preparedness and understanding of the possible negatives of a data breach. Other major companies such as T Mobile have fallen victim to large scale data breaches conveying that is an issue for every company to consider no matter what scale they are operating at.   

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