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5 examples of business process challenges resolved through the use of the Microsoft Power Platform

As many businesses across the world have adopted a combination of both remote working and office working, the use of time is even more important than ever before. With this in mind, the need to streamline processes to improve efficiency has to be prioritised in businesses. Many businesses already have some form of CRM or ERP system in place but do you realise that you could streamline some of your core processes through the use of the Microsoft Power Platform? 

In our latest blog article, we are going to highlight 5 examples of business process challenges that can be resolved through the use of the Microsoft Power Platform. 


Process Challenge 


Employee Onboarding 

Need an app that can help support the onboarding process for new starters. 

A specific set of tasks the app builds for every new starter to be managed in a Power App. 

App used to monitor all onboarding tasks with job roles defined (such as manager, team leader etc) and tasks automatically added to these users. 

App users can regularly update their tasks and monitor onboarding progress. 

Supplier Quotation App 

Need an app that can provide monthly quotations for different products. 

Suppliers can be guest users with a Power Apps license. 

Canvas Power Apps used for quotation entry. After using the app, users can see the latest additions and just create new ones. 

Model-driven app used to help manage products, suppliers and which products each supplier produces. 

Power BI reporting used to analyse the datasets. 

Reporting Landing Page 

Need to customise your own landing page for your business using Power BI Reports 

Dataverse for Teams app for use by system admin and end-users. 

Through the app, Admin users are able to both create and remove categories and report links. 

End users can search for reports using category fields. 

Email Signatures 

Make it easier to manage and deliver business recognised email signatures to employees 

These Team owners can admin the email signature files in a Power App with a number of templates available. 

Those in your team can choose the template they want to use in the Power App. Then user information is added automatically. From this the user is emailed the signature file. 

Also, those in your team can request a new signature file via a chatbot. The chatbot will create it and give the user a link where the final signature can be downloaded. 

Feedback & Case Management 

Need to replace the existing process of gathering feedback via Voice of the Customer 

3 different forms created for feedback (for different course types). 

Feedback invitations (with a link to the feedback form) sent to course attendees through Microsoft Power Automate. Each type of course has a different logic when feedback invitation is sent. 

Automated reminder email for participants that haven’t responded. 

Invoice Attachments 

Need to automate invoice attachments for customers & information about time spent 

Cloud flow loop work orders and get all non-invoiced hours via Dataverse. 

For customer settings flow create one invoice attachment to cover all hours or one attachment per order. 

Attachments are produced through the use of a Word template. 

Attachments contained on Teams in the current invoices folder. 


Next Steps? 

The examples above are just a few instances where the use of the Microsoft Power Platform can help to streamline the processes in your business. If you are looking for something else in a Power App or Power Automate then drop us a line to ask us and we can advise you on this. 

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