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5 benefits of using ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards

As marketers we are used to dealing with vast quantities of data on a daily basis which should allow us to gain valuable insights to allow us to coordinate marketing campaigns, improve performance as well as reveal how this data is providing us with the results we need. However, it is often the case that many marketing reports involve a heavy amount of manual input which could lead to valuable opportunities being missed. 

This is where ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards comes in to resolve the above challenges by allowing you to visually see all of the sales and marketing activity taking place which enables you to learn how this is helping to drive performance and where improvements need to be made. The main goals of your business can easily be tracked across 12 dashboards which allows you to quickly review and act where needed. 

If your business is already making using of ClickDimensions (if you haven’t got it, we can help you implement it), Intelligent Dashboards are great in allowing you to have a better visibility over your business, showcase performance as well as work together with your team & enable marketers to make changes at a click of a button. 

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 5 benefits of using ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards. 

1) Improve efficiency with Prebuilt Dashboards 

Given that Intelligent Dashboards are prebuilt means that less time is wasted on configuration to be able to activate this add-on. Furthermore, you won’t need to build these dashboards from scratch or require any extra help from your IT department meaning that with a few clicks of a button you will have dashboards available for all your users. This data will become populated across these dashboards within 24 hours. 

2) Game changing Sales & Marketing Reporting 

You will find that the pre-built dashboards included in ClickDimensions will allow you to view Sales Funnels, Campaign Performance, Email Marketing, Forms as well as Website Performance. By making use of these dashboards will enable your business to seamlessly align both sales and marketing teams, improve communications as well as provide a complete reporting solution across all the processes of your business. 

3) Easily keep track of business goals 

You can clearly define goals for any tracked metric to enable you to follow the progress on either a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. By having this in place will enable you to quickly identify any problems which may need to be addressed such as click rates, lead conversions and many others. 

4) Improve your overall management reporting 

The great thing about Intelligent Dashboards is the fact that you can at a click of a button grant access to live dashboards with other team members to improve the overall visibility of sales & marketing performance. 

5) Keep track of trends for key metrics 

When compared against the built-in reporting capabilities of the well-regarded Dynamics 365 application, Intelligent Dashboards enables marketers to easily keep an eye on trends for those metrics that are critical to the business. Easily track the movements in lead generation, overall engagement as well as performance over a week, month or quarter. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to take advantage of the whole host of advantages that ClickDimensions Intelligent Dashboards can provide your business then simply get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements

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