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Case Study: How Advantage helped transform the way a leading insurance company worked with ClickDimensions

If you didn’t know already, ClickDimensions is the only unified marketing technology, analytics and services platform specifically for businesses that operate on Microsoft Dynamics. 

Constructed within Microsoft Dynamics, Click Dimension’s multichannel marketing automation platform includes a whole host of marketing tools such as email marketing, campaign automation and much, much more to help your business to find, nurture, convert and engage your ideal audiences. 

Guaranteeing Customer Retention 

A leading insurance company who are a customer of Advantage’s wanted to access all the latest intelligence about their policyholders to enable them to convert life events into effective opportunities to cross-sell. 

Through the use of ClickDimensions campaign automation builder, the team at the leading insurance company were able to build a nurture campaign which was directed at car policyholders with dependents that would soon be able to drive. 

The campaign automation consisted of a number of emails that made use of the ClickDimensions drag and drop email editor. Furthermore, this tool made it easy to personalise which the leading insurance company used to add each policyholder’s name, their dependent’s name as well as their specific car policy number to provide a truly tailored customer experience. 

Contained inside this automation, policyholders that chose to add their new drivers to their policy would be automatically invited to an online safe driving event specifically organised for parents. Through the use of ClickDimensions, the insurance company created a landing page and form to allow parents to register for the event without the use of any coding. 

Better still, having connectors such as GoToMeeting, Eventbrite as well as ClickDimensions’ event functionality enabled the insurance company to view attendees as well as information about the attendees directly from within their Microsoft Dynamics solution. 

As well as wanting to upsell to their existing policyholders, the leading insurance company wanted to encourage their customers to stay with them so promoted the option of combining car and homeowners coverage to promote huge savings. The great thing about ClickDimensions is the fact that you can use campaign automation whenever you want to cross-sell, take on new customers as well as nurturing potential customers. 

As well as having campaign automation, email marketing, forms at your disposal, ClickDimensions also affords you access to a whole host of useful tools that can be used as part of your marketing efforts which comes to include social marketing, surveys and much, much more.