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Case Study: How a Financial Services company improved their service to their European clients by moving to Microsoft Dynamics

The Organisation  

This Financial Services organisation partner with European banks and credit providers to manage performing and nonperforming loans. Operating in over 6 countries in UK and Europe, in a dozen offices and nearly 1000 employees, the organisation manages over $40 Billion of receivables.  

The Challenge 

The organisation was initially UK centric and as it grew organically, the demand for a robust finance solution that could efficiently manage the fiscal and regulatory, and multi-lingual requirements of European countries became evident. After reviewing several mid-market accounts solutions, Microsoft Dynamics was selected as the preferred solution. 

Picking Advantage 

Following the decision to deploy a Microsoft Dynamics solution, the organisation adopted a search and selection process with potential partners that were able to meet key criteria: 

  • A partner with a proven track record in similar organisations, ideally based within the M25. 
  • A Microsoft Gold Partner that had proven experience of implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions across Europe. 
  • Provision of a proactive support desk, with inherent accountancy skills as well as deep functional knowledge and experience of Microsoft Dynamics. 
  • An experienced development team that was able to add additional functionality and manipulation of the core application. 
  • Provide proactive Account Management to drive the organisation forwards and act as an advocate for Microsoft technologies. 

Following a review of leading UK Partners, Advantage was selected to implement the Microsoft Dynamics solution. The solution went live in early 2009, and Advantage continues to provide ongoing business continuity support to this day and has successfully upgraded the original Dynamics solution to latest versions with minimal impact to the business. 

The Benefits 

The Microsoft Dynamics solution was successfully implemented within a six-month timeframe. Some of the benefits realised by the Microsoft solution and deployment by Advantage were: 

  • Provided organisational efficiency – it is critical that time delays for the day to day running of the business were minimised to focus on business-critical tasks. 
  • Improved reporting and Business Intelligence capability was inherent within the solution, to enable the organisation to quickly export and analyse data at a glance. 
  • The ability to dynamically report across the multiple legal entities within the group via standard consolidation functionality. 
  • Implementation of a solution that enabled the organisation to expand from an initial 3 offices to 12 without additional demand placed upon the finance team overheads. 

The tangible benefits achieved from having the above finance solution from Microsoft Dynamics was evident from the comments made by the Financial Director at this financial services organisation “We’re delighted with our brand-new finance system that has transformed the way that we work by allowing us to effectively manage the fiscal and regulatory, and multi-lingual requirements of European countries. As for Advantage, we were impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise of their Microsoft Dynamics team who flawlessly moved us from the old system to our new finance system and kept us up to date with the progress of the project at regular points. If you are looking for a reliable Microsoft partner to implement Microsoft Dynamics software for your business then look no further than Advantage”. 

Martyn Kemp, New Business Sales & Account Manager at Advantage further added: “When this financial services organisation contacted Advantage, they required a much more robust finance system for their growing business to be able to handle a number of specific requirements. This is why, we believed that a Microsoft ERP would allow them to not only achieve their goals but provide them with a reliable system that was fully scalable as their business grew. Furthermore, their new Microsoft ERP system is fully supported by our qualified team of experts here at Advantage”. 


As you can see from the above, this financial services organisation are pleased with the results that have been delivered so far as a result of their new Dynamics ERP system. 

Following the successfully implementation of their Microsoft Dynamics finance system, they have improved their overall organisational efficiency & reporting as well as being able to dynamically report across the multiple legal entities in the group via the consolidation functionality & have allowed their organisation to grow from 3 offices to 12 offices with the reduced savings in finance team overheads.