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Case Study: How a Building Company Raised Their Game With Dynamics CRM


Since their creation in 2006, this building company have been very successful in achieving organic growth to the tune of £20m despite the fact that they didn’t have a CRM or a sales team in place to help them achieve this growth. 

However when a Business Development Manager at the building company was appointed to try and increase their lead generation efforts, Covid and lockdown struck. It was at this point that the Business Development Manager used the time to reflect on their current efforts and research ways of improving the overall number of leads coming into the business.  

The Business Development Manager discovered that in order for the building company to become the top provider in their industry they needed to have a CRM system in place.  They were managing leads off Lotus & Excel spreadsheets which made it extremely difficult to keep track of leads & increased the possibility of some leads slipping through the cracks and being lost altogether.

The Challenge  

The Business Development Manager came into the business determined to transform the way that the business was operating & increase the number of leads coming into the business. The Business Development Manager’s research helped to highlight the fact that to be the best they needed to move away from Excel spreadsheets to a new CRM system to make it much easier to manage and track leads going forwards. 

The Solution 

After considering all the CRM options available to him, the Business Development Manager decided as a previous user of Dynamics 365 in past roles, he knew what it could bring to the company and quickly looked to identify the right partner through Microsoft’s portal.  

After receiving a whole host of responses via the Microsoft portal from potential CRM partners, Advantage was chosen largely due to the speed of their responses as well as their attention to detail when it came to the timelines and cost profile which aligned exactly with what Michael wanted. 

Advantage proposed their Quick Start Dynamics 365/CRM out of the box solution which could get the building company up & running with a CRM system in a matter of weeks and fell with their allocated budget. 

The Benefits 

The Business Development Manager at the building company remarked “we’re pleased with the proactive and engaging approach that Sven and the team at Advantage took in ensuring a fast & easy CRM implementation where we can now make critical decisions based on actual facts rather than a fiction.” 

Sven Kolczak, New Business Sales & Account Manager at Advantage added ”after the building company came to us looking for a CRM system, we had no doubts that the Quick Start Dynamics 365 package was the right choice for them which would be fully scalable as their business grows”. 


Following the successful implementation of their CRM solution, the building company expect to see their business transform over the course of the next 12 months as the technology embeds into their business. Advantage continue to help the building company maximise their use of their CRM solution with ongoing Dynamics 365 consultancy with the view to providing them with expert Dynamics 365 support towards the end of the year.