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Dynamics 365 is the Microsoft family of business applications. It promises to turn business process into business advantage for organisations everywhere. Dynamics 365 is a whole suite of different apps that are Cloud based and cover the following areas: 

Sales, Customer Services, Field Service, Project Operations, Marketing and Business Central. 

The specific applications above can be used standalone or can be combined under the umbrella of the Dynamics 365 platform. 

The licensing costs associated with Dynamics 365 largely depend on the apps you have and the features you need for your business. This is usually billed on a monthly basis for each user you have a license for. 

Application only – This is a form of licensing when users are looking for a certain function within Dynamics 365 such as Project Operations or Sales. 

Plans – These are largely for those that are heavy users giving them access to a number of different applications within Dynamics 365 whilst at the same time giving them full read and write permissions. 

Team Members – These are licenses designed for those users that rarely access the system which comes with a lower cost. These team members will be able to view most information so comes in handy if you are in senior management and only need to review what is going on within the business. 

Here at Advantage, we have a support team of Dynamics 365 experts who offer a whole host of different Dynamics 365 support packages that are tailored to your specific client requirements. 

Of course, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 work together in unison and can steer your business towards better overall productivity as well as improved efficiency. 

It goes without saying but using Dynamics 365 online has more advantages than drawbacks. Through the use of Microsoft’s premier cloud solution, Microsoft Azure can securely host it which makes implementation much more straightforward as well as the ability to automate updates and patches & a much more secure location for your data. On the other hand, if you use Dynamics 365 On Premise you would have to manually secure your data which with it carries a greater risk. 

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