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  • Cloud Optimisation

    No matter whether you are using the public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, our Cloud experts are on hand to help you optimise the performance and cost of your cloud. 

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What is Cloud Optimisation?

Put simply, it means the process that is used to remove cloud resources you aren’t using as well as looking to continue to match up those resources against the ever-changing requirements of your business. In addition to this, cloud optimisation also helps to make sure that you have the cloud platforms you need which are performing in the best way possible for your business. 

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What benefits can be gained from using Advantage’s cloud optimisation service?

You will find that as a matter of fact that cloud environments change with new platforms and processes being added over time. Businesses that don’t choose to optimise their cloud environments end up paying for resources they don’t require or find that their platforms are being underused. 

The benefits that can be gained from using our cloud optimisation services are as follows: 

Improved efficiency 

Workload performance and compliance are matched up with the most suited cloud infrastructure. 

Reduced costs 

By using cloud cost optimisation you can bring down costs as well as remove resources that aren’t required. 

Better visibility 

Receive more in-depth information regarding your overall cloud performance which will enable you to make better more data-driven decisions. 

Improved efficiency 

Using an optimised cloud environment will free up your IT team to complete tasks that add value to your business. 

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How do you know when to optimise your Cloud

After we’ve reviewed your cloud environment, our team will get to work on plotting your journey forwards into small chunks and you’ll always be able to rely on us for a 5 day a week support service. 

Our service is perfect for those businesses who: 

  • Have just migrated their datacentre to the cloud 
  • Are experiencing high monthly costs 
  • Want to improve their cloud performance or cloud security 
  • Are concerned that their business isn’t following best practices? 

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The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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