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Why should your business turn to Zetadocs Accounts Payable automation solution?

The whole purpose of Zetadocs AP automation solution is to allow employees to streamline their accounts payable processes through the use of intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), automated data entry (ADE) and order matching which not only improves efficiency but allows customers to focus on tasks that matter most to their business. 

After watching the above video, you will notice that Zetadocs makes use of Azure Applied AI Services that brings together the OCR capabilities with deep learning models to both assess and remove key fields and line items from supplier invoices. You will find that critical data is automatically captured from vendor invoices and a preview inside Business Central is shown before the creation of purchase invoices or credit memos. It is here where Zetadocs checks to make sure that header and line information is added automatically and with accuracy, with no rules or templates requiring setup for each vendor. 

So, what are the overall benefits of using Zetadocs Accounts Payable automation solution in Business Central? 

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can gain a whole host of benefits from choosing to implement this solution. 

Can be used immediately 

One of the biggest benefits of using this solution is the fact that it doesn’t need any rules or templates to be created and maintained. This enables customers to get up & running quickly and benefit straight away from this solution. 

Customers will no longer have to manually type out each line from supplier invoices or processing their vendor documents into Business Central as this will be done automatically through Zetadocs. 

As well as this, employees will be able to maximise their use of the ability of Zetadocs to remember past data values. This means that any changes made to the mappings between captured data values and a vendor, item or General Ledger account in Business Central are never forgotten by Zetadocs, thus stopping you having to manually search for them. 

It goes without saying but the above benefit will save your business valuable time in the long run. 

Less approvals required 

Through the use of automated matching of purchase invoice lines to related order lines, there is an option to automatically create receipts, this is where Zetadocs allows your finance team to pay invoices fast without the need to approve a payment for the second time or manually processing them. 

In addition to this, Zetadocs AP automation solution eliminates the requirement for manual admin. The admin or processing vendor invoices are reduced by Zetadocs in a number of ways such as a document OCR that can be used straight away with no templates required, quick filing of documents as well as purchase order matching. 

Complete visibility over documentation 

You will notice that Zetadocs is able to archive documents within Microsoft SharePoint. If you need to then access these documents, you can do so via a FactBox visible within Business Central that shows the purchase record. 

In an ever-changing world with hybrid working common, allowing fast and reliable access to documents has never had greater importance for businesses. 

You can easily access invoices, incoming emails no matter where you are, eliminating any delays completely. As well as boosting efficiency, it solves the issue of document location and enables individuals across the business to easily access the information that they need. 

So, what are the main features of Zetadocs Accounts Payable automation solution in Business Central? 

The Zetadocs AP automation solution will allow customers to complete a whole host of tasks and helps to improve the overall functionality of Business Central. Let’s now explore how some of the key features work to deliver these benefits: 

Automated data entry 

Customers will be able to quickly draft new purchase records in Business Central. This is achieved by Zetadocs taking key data from a supplier invoice, then showing a preview of this information alongside the original document. From this point, a new purchase invoice or credit memo is drafted in Business Central which automatically includes the header and line information. 

Intelligent OCR 

With training not required, Zetadocs allows the fast capture of supplier invoices through the use of Azure Applied AI Services. This brings together the game changing OCR capabilities and deep learning models to both assess and draw out key fields and line items from supplier invoices. 

Automated order matching 

Through the use of this new feature, being able to match purchase invoice lines to purchase order lines is simplified with the option in place to automate receipts for any line items that haven't been received. This helps to reduce the time spent on manually processing invoices. 

Next Steps? 

If you are looking to automate your Accounts Payable processes through Business Central in your business through the use of Zetadocs Capture then please get in touch with our team of experts today to discuss your specific requirements and to arrange a demonstration. 

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