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What exactly is Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central can be summarised as the all-in-one solution at the centre of your business.  

It’s available as an option in the Microsoft Public Cloud which means, essentially, it’s a sign up and go SAAS option (i.e. pay per user per month). This set up still requires setting up and whilst there are restrictions to development capabilities, you can nonetheless extend the functionality with the extension technology released last year. 

Better Design  

The second feature worth mentioning within 365 Business Central is the beautiful reskinning of the Web Client (including its sisters, the Tablet and Phone Clients). As for the Windows Client, the visual user experience remains the same as in NAV 2018…why no change to the Windows Client? Because it’s due for retirement! The Web Client is beautiful. New and varied fonts to highlight important information as a headline banner on the Role Centre, a fabulous teal Role Centre with easy navigation and interestingly capitalised field names on lists! A curiously small difference but actually a nice touch. The Web Client is now the better client. It’s no longer the ‘nearly as good’ client. If you are considering moving to Business Central 365 you will enjoy a host of new skins and templates that make your work more efficient.  

Enhanced User Experience  

The new experience is truly beautiful and optimises key features for maximum user efficiency. You get a more streamlined navigation with the back button displayed prominently on the left of the page and with special dynamic system commands occupying the middle section. These elements prioritise navigation for users and simplify working between items, allowing them to stay focused on the data and task at hand. These changes to the design look at how users can better approach their work, what tasks are most often done and how to improve efficiency in your daily work and tasks.  

Multiple elements related to lists, lookup windows and grids have been refreshed to align with the rest of the product, steering 365 Business Central to look and feel more like a modern software as a cloud and on-premise solution. 

365 Business Central remembers the filters you applied throughout the session as you navigate back and forth across pages which allows for a more seamless process that relates to your way of work and your daily activities.  

Limit Totals  

365 Business Central gives you a whole new level of control through which you can apply filters to one or more of the dimensions that influence computed values. This was one of the key missing features that caused people to cling to the Windows Client previously but due to this issue being addressed that may now be a thing of the past.  

Keyboard Shortcut Improvements  

Although the filter pane is just a click away, Business Central users can have a mouse-free experience with a variety of keyboard shortcut combinations, including the Alt+F3 shortcut to filter to the current value. Users can now create compound filters without ever leaving the list, using shortcuts to navigate across cells and then filter to the currently focused value or clear the filter on the current column.  

Extensions and Apps 

You can now extend your 365 Business Central solution according to your own businesses with extensive apps and modifications that can be partnered or downloaded directly from the app store. These apps can be installed and virtually used out the box.  

Design Feature Updates  

In a similar way to the previous versions of NAV, Business Central users can go straight from the user experience into the design tool. It comes with a new design which is suited to allowing “non -developers” the opportunity to amend pages, add new fields and save the result as an extension.  

Filtering Lists   

Filtering has now been enhanced with features like anchoring to the side of lists and a new filter pane with a familiar design. These filter lists appear at the side of the page meaning filtering now makes better use of your screen rather then clogging up space at the top.  

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