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Microsoft announces new offline capabilities for Model-driven applications

Microsoft has recently added offline functionality for application makers which will enable employees in a business to create apps without having to worry about whether they are online or not. 

You will find that this new capability is in preview mode but will be the ultimate game changer in allowing you to create an app to work offline. You will be able to decide whether or not you wish to use the offline mode for your apps as well as this, the new mode will work better in low network conditions than the more well-known ‘classic offline’ mode.  

How can I set this up within the app designer? 

In order to get this capability setup, you will need to configure it within the maker portal. In the past, admins only had the capability to set up an offline profile, however following the release of this new functionality, the maker will be able to set up an offline mode for mobile users in a couple of steps. This is great as there is no requirement for a separate list for user access to be added as once this offline mode is configured within the app designer, every user will be able to use it offline. If you are looking to learn how to enable your app for offline use, you can do this by following the steps here

Next Steps? 

Microsoft choosing to launch an ‘offline first’ functionality for mobile driven apps will make it easier for users in a business to work offline. The results will be instant as you will straight away see a better device performance as well as lower battery usage as the app won’t be syncing up to the server which usually drains such battery life. Want to find out more about the new ‘offline first’ vs ‘classic offline’? You can by going to this article

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