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Do you need to be concerned about Preact being acquired by ANS?

If you didn’t know about this, it was recently announced that Preact, a UK based Dynamics 365 partner has been acquired by digital transformation experts, ANS after Preact called in insolvency practitioner FTS recovery on December 1st 2022 after Preact began experiencing financial difficulties relating to Covid.  This meant that FTS had to quickly sale Preact which resulted in 10 expressions of interest and four formal offers of which ANS was successful.

When it comes to acquisitions nothing is certain such as continuity with both service and delivery so the real question is do you need to be concerned about Preact being acquired by ANS due to financial difficulties? 

I am a Preact customer who uses them for my Dynamics 365 / CRM and Support requirements, do I need to be worried? 

If you think the answer is a resounding no, then that’s fine, however will it harm your business to look at other options to make sure that you are getting the best service you can? It goes without saying but you picked Preact as your Microsoft partner for a certain reason and them being acquired by another company due to financial difficulties wasn’t what you planned to see happening. You could be under the impression that you may following this acquisition not the get the best for your money that you previously had done, which could have a potential negative impact on your business. 

You decided to select your current partner by conducting a whole host of different types of research, looking at all their customer stories in addition to shortlisting a number of Microsoft partners based on what your business required before assessing all the quotes received and coming to a final decision on which partner to use. 

Once the decision has been made even if it has been made recently or you have been with them for years, you then find out they are being taken over by another partner then everything you considered previously when picking them as your partner is basically for nothing as things are likely to be changing in one way or another. As well as this, you will have no prior knowledge of the new partner that has taken them over or how the service that they will be giving your business will be impacted straight away as well as in the future. 

With this recent takeover, this could mean that you may not have the personalised and tailored approach that you had when you selected your current partner originally. This essentially provides you with the perfect opportunity to take stock of where your business is currently and review the current marketplace for partners who could potentially offer you something more based on your current requirements and are not likely to be taken over anytime soon. 

Next Steps? 

If you are currently with Preact as a customer and have read the above and are wishing to assess all the other options that are out there for your business in terms of Dynamics CRM, Support, Training or Consultancy then don’t hesitate to just talk to our team of Dynamics CRM experts to discuss your options and how we can help your business to transform the way you work. 

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